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Legal Information

Medical Advice and Treatment

Nothing in this Web site, nor on any other published material, either stated or implied, is to be taken as meaning that the manufacturers of the New Millennium Essences, nor any employee, agent, reseller, dealer, distributor, practitioner, therapist, nor any other person or organisation associated with New Millennium Essences in any way, is purporting to give “medical advice” or medical treatment of the type normally given by a licenced medical practitioner.

Nor do we, in any way, claim to offer any products, treatment, service, or advice, that purports to cure, heal, alleviate, or prevent, any illness or medical condition. Flower essences work in a totally different way to other therapeutic products, like herbal remedies and pharaceutical drugs. Essences are not “medicine” and they do not work on the body in any direct biochemical way, they work at a more subtle level, at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

While it is our experience that the products and services referred to do often appear to have a beneficial effect when used as directed, the use of these products and/or services is not a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment from a qualified and licenced medical practitioner.

Anyone with any medical condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional.

Copyright ©

Everything on this Internet Web Site, including all text, images, graphics, photographs, design elements, etc, is the intellectual property of New Millennium Essences.   Full copyright © rights over all of this material is retained by New Millennium Essences.   The moral rights of the authors to ownership of all material on this site is hereby asserted, in accordance with the copyright and patent laws of New Zealand, and of all countries of the world,  and of international agreements and treaties.

No material from this Web Site may be reproduced by any means in any form whatsoever without permission from New Millennium Essences, except for brief quotations and examples embodied in reviews and recommendations, with full credit as to the source being given.   If in doubt please contact us about this, as we are very happy for you to use our material in an appropriate way.

The Placing of Links to this Site

You are welcome to place links to this Web Site from your Site(s), however, we would very much appreciate being notified by you of your intention to link to our Site.

Ownership of Site Components

The owners of New Millennium Essences believe that we have the necessary rights to use all components of this Site.  If you believe that you may be the copyright holder of any image, graphic, text, or other component used in this Site, and that you have cause to believe that the necessary permission has not been obtained, or the required acknowledgement given, please advise us full details of this.  If your claim is found to be valid, we undertake to either remove all such components from this Site, or to come to whatever other arrangement is agreed between us.

Trademark Acknowledgement

We repeat here the trademark acknowledgement statement that we have placed in the relevant sections of this site.....

“Bach Flowers”, and “Rescue Remedy”(™)  are registered Trade Marks of the Bach Flower Company.

Our “New Millennium Essences” are not made or marketed by the Bach Flower Company, and are not endorsed in any way by the Bach Flower Company, nor by any other manufacturer of flower essences.

Our “Everyday Emergency” product has no connection with the Bach Flower Company,  nor is it endorsed in any way by the Bach Flower Company, nor by any other flower essence manufacturer.

Our “New Millennium Essences” products are totally different from any product marketed by the Bach Flower Company, and by any other flower essence manufacturer.

In no way are we saying or implying that our “Everyday Emergency” product is the same product as the original “Rescue Remedy”(™).

If anyone believes that we may have breached any trademark, copyright or patent law or regulation in our mentioning on this site, or elsewhere, of any product or range of products that they hold the rights to, we invite you to contact us with the details of your claim, and we will be very happy to discuss the matter and resolve it to our mutual satisfaction.

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