Our New Energy Flower Essence Cards.

New Energy Flower Cards Set

Our new set of cards for the New Energy flower essences...

Our new flower essence cards for the New Energy Set are produced lovingly by us and they are really stunning. We print high-quality color photographs, all taken by ourselves, and laminate them as A6 size (154 mm by 111 mm, or 6 inches by 4.4 inches) to make them really durable.

There are 40 cards in our New Energy Flower Cards Set, and it covers the essences that make up our Energy Anatomy Essences, our New Reality Essences, our New Reality Sexuality Essences, our Body Energy Essences, and our Original Perfection Essences.

The 40 flower essences cards in our New Energy Flower Cards Set match the 40 flower essences described in our beautiful New Energy Manual, from the above five New Energy essence categories.

Each card has a large color photo of the flower for that essence. Beneath the photo is the name of the essence, the name of the flower and the set that the card belongs to, ie. New Energy Series.

Click to see a large picture of a sample card.

The reverse side of all cards contains an identical neutral flower pattern, much like a deck of playing cards, so that you can draw a card blindly when you turn them all face down. You can work with the cards in various ways. For example, you can use them as a supplementary healing resource, by looking at a card as you take a dose of that particular essence. Or you can decide which essence(s) you need by intuitively drawing a card or by selecting the card that most appeals to you right now... or you can simply flip through and enjoy the healing energy of all the beautiful flowers.

The price of this New Energy Card Set, is $50 (US dollars), plus shipping. Click here to buy this set of Flower Cards from our online store.

Alternatively, if you want to purchase the set of cards together with our beautiful matching New Energy Manual, we can offer both the manual and the set of cards at a special price of $110 (US dollars), plus shipping. Click here to buy the manual and cards together from our online store.

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