New Millennium Flower Essences - Practitioner's User Manual.

Flower Essences Practitioners Manual

Here is our complete user's manual for flower essences......

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We now have a brand-new manual for our 21st Century Essence Set, and you can download a pdf copy by Clicking this link

This on-line version of our Practitioner's Manual is intended to be a comprehensive resource for flower essence practitioners and serious users of essences.

Click to go to the chapter on the Consultation. Diagnosis and the Consultation
How to conduct a flower essence consultation, as a practitioner, including how to diagnose which flower essences are needed by each client.

Click to go to the chapter on dispensing. Dispensing of Essences
How to dispense the flower essences from the stock bottles into the treatment bottle. Also, where to obtain supplies of the empty treatment bottles, and tips for successful dispensing.

Zucchini, one of the new essences that could not have existed a few years ago.  Click to find out why. Why?
Why did the New Millennium Essences come into being at this point in time? Surely, the world already had enough sets of flower essences? Why not stick with what we already have, and learn to use what we already have more effectively?

Mary Garbely's landmark book, published in 1990. From Dr Bach to Perelandra
A summary, from the point of view of Peter's personal experience, of the history of flower essences.  From Dr Bach, plus some examples that show that he was not actually the first to use the energy of flowers for healing, through to Mary Garbely's “New Perception Essences of New Zealand ”, and on to “Perelandra”.

The book about the amazing story of "Perelandra".  Click to see details. Perelandra
The story of Peter's love affair with “Perelandra”, and how this eventually inspired him to dedicate himself to the path that led to the development of the New Millennium Essences. Includes information on a number of advanced flower essence treatment techniques.

Wild Fennel, the very first New Millennium Essence that was made.  Click to see details. From small Beginnings...
The complete story of the New Millennium Flower Essences, from how it all began through to the present time, with photographs, and links to the web pages of many of the flower essences that feature in the story.

Lisa.  Click to read the story of Lisa and Peter. A Tale of Two Flower Essence Therapists
The tale of how Peter and Lisa first met, way back in 1992, and how, with many twists and turns along the way, they eventually worked together on the development of the New Millennium Essences.

Click to see details of our printed manuals and sets of cards. Printed versions of our Essence Manuals
We now have two all-new hard-copy printed manuals, along with sets of laminated cards. One of the manuals covers our Practitioner's Set, and the other covers our New Energy Essences. These manuals are stunningly gorgeous, with large color pictures of the flowers, and the laminated cards are really beautiful too.

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