Our New Energy Flower Essence Manual.

New Energy Flower Essence Manual

Our New Energy Manual for the 21st Century...

We are really pleased with our new flower essence manuals. Produced entirely by ourselves, they are a real “labor of love”. Illustrated with the same high-quality color photographs that illustrate this website, all of them taken by us, and with the layout designed by Glenys and Peter, we lovingly print every page of our manuals ourselves, using our own color laser printer. The manuals are printed on high-quality 100 gsm white paper, the pages are A4 size (210 mm by 297 mm, or 8.25 inches by 11.7 inches), and are spiral bound so that they lay flat for practitioner use.

There are over 60 pages in our New Energy Manual, and it covers the flower essences that make up our Energy Anatomy Essences, our New Reality Essences, our New Reality Sexuality Essences, our Body Energy Essences, and our Original Perfection Essences.

There are a total of 40 flower essences in our New Energy Manual, from the above five New Energy essence categories.

For each of the flower essences, there is a page that includes a large color picture of the flower, along with the full text of the “definition” of the essence, plus the affirmation. Click here to see a sample of one of the pages of the New Energy Manual.

Click to see a large image of a page from the New Energy Manual.

There is also an introduction, which includes suggestions and tips on using the manual, a table of contents at the front, an index at the back, and short, concise, introductions to each of the categories of the New Energy Essences, ie. the Energy Anatomy Essences, the New Reality Essences, the Sexuality Issues Essences, the Body Energy Essences, and the Original Perfection Essences.

The price of this New Energy Manual, is $65 (US dollars), plus shipping. Click here to buy this New Energy Manual from our online store.

We have decided to make the pdf file download version of our manuals free. Right Click to download the pdf version of our New Energy Manual. (Or, left-click to see the manual in your browser.)

Alternatively, if you want to purchase the Manual together with our beautiful matching set of cards, we can offer both the manual and the set of cards at a special price of $110 (US dollars), plus shipping. Click here to buy the manual and cards together from our online store.

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