Continuing the work of Perelandra - updated, for the New Millennium.

Peter discovers “Perelandra”
Working co-creatively with Nature....

At first, I was a little skeptical about Perelandra.  Why would I be interested in some place over on the other side of the world?  I had all I needed, right here, made from local flowers, to suit local conditions!

But Mary Garbely, in her Newsletter, gave “Perelandra” such a high recommendation, that I just had to check it out.  So I bought a copy of the book “Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered”, by Machaelle Small Wright, the founder of Perelandra.

That marvelous book, Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered And, half-way through the book, I was hooked.  As I read the remarkable story of this woman's life.  How she had overcome impossible odds.  Being abandoned in her early teens by an indifferent father and a chronically alcoholic mother.  How she overcame these circumstances, and went on to establish “Perelandra” as the foremost nature research centre in the world.  There was just no way that I could say  “No” to becoming involved with this!

So, I sent an order away to  “Perelandra”, for their Garden Set and Rose Set of essences, and began using these alongside Mary's   “New Perception of New Zealand” essences.  And, I began using the Perelandra  “'M.A.P.” healing process, which I have now used continuously since 1993.

The Perelandra book, Co-Creative Science, that changed my life What can I say about Perelandra and about this remarkable woman, Machaelle Small Wright?  I have never met Machaelle  (pronounced “Michelle”) in person, but she must be the one person who has changed my life the most.  She initiated a whole new way of working with healing energies: what she calls  “Co-Creative Science”, the science of working in conscious co-operation with the intelligence of Nature.  And, it has been by following her example, by taking up the challenge that she threw at me, that I have undertaken the work necessary for the making of the “New Millennium Essences” and the whole of the New Millennium Project.

I had, some years earlier, read the remarkable story of the early years of Findhorn, in Scotland.  How this group of people had discovered the fascinating world of the devas and nature spirits, and how, with the help of these nature intelligences, they had grown huge, healthy vegetables in barren soil, in the harsh Scottish climate.

I was fascinated by what had happened at Findhorn, and I had a feeling that much more could be done in co-operating with the nature intelligences.  But no-one had followed up on the potential of Findhorn.  It felt to me like Findhorn was the beginning of a remarkable story, but it was like the author of this remarkable story had only written the first few chapters, with most of the book as yet unwritten.

Well, to me anyway, it seemed like the story of Perelandra was the continuing story.  What had been begun at Findhorn was being continued at Perelandra.  And, it was still unfolding.  The book was still being written.....  And I wanted, very much, to be part of this action, this unfolding story.....

The Perelandra MAP book Within a few months, I had immersed myself in Perelandra.  Every book, every tape, every essence, everything to come out of Perelandra:  I studied and used them all in great depth.  I took on a  “Perelandra approach” to life.  And, I put aside, for a while, my  “New Perception of N.Z.” set of essences.  For two years, I used only the Perelandra essences, nothing else.  I lived, slept and breathed Perelandra.

And, it worked, it was wonderful.  When I used the Perelandra land cleansing and balancing processes, I could feel the difference, as I walked around the freshly-cleansed house and land.  And, using the Perelandra essences, I achieved some remarkable results.  Some miracle recoveries, on occasions from physical conditions that conventional medicine had given up on, and had been labeled as “irreversable”.

I could write a whole book just on Perelandra.  Before Perelandra, the art of flower essence therapy consisted of giving the client a single bottle of essences, for whatever was needed at the time.  A very simple, effective, way of working, but rather limited.  Machaelle Small Wright took this simple, basic, therapy technique and evolved it into something way beyond what anyone had dreamt could be done.  And, it is an honor to be involved in continuing on this work in the footsteps of Machaelle, with this New Millennium Project.  I regard the “New Millennium Project”, especially the essences, as being a logical continuation of the work done at Perelandra.

I will now outline a few of the Perelandra innovations, along with information on how to apply these when using the New Millennium Essences.

Multiple Bottle Essence Therapy

The traditional way of prescribing flower essences has always been a  “one bottle at a time” approach.  This one-bottle method was laid down by Dr Edward Bach, and everyone has followed it.  It was the method that I learned from Mary Garbely, at the beginning of my essence career.

“One bottle at a time” is fine, as far as it goes.  In theory, the energies of the essences in that one bottle will cover whatever is most important for this person at this time.  And, in practice, this works fine, up to a point.  However, the pace of modern living is very different from what it was back in Dr Bach's time.  And, the energies in the mixture of essences in the single bottle may very well cover all of the most important issues that are present for the person at the surface level, but what about the deeper levels of the issues?  Is there some way to dig down deeper and to resolve these issues at a much faster rate than what can be achieved by slowly peeling off the energies of the issues one layer at a time?

In order to use the healing power of flower essences in a more comprehensive way, Machaelle Small Wright devised what she calls  “Telegraph Testing”.

The Perelandra Flower Essences manual For in-depth details of “Telegraph Testing”, and other essence techniques devised by her, refer to the Perelandra essence manual  “Flower Essences: Reordering Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health”.  This book broke new ground in many ways, and, in my opinion, this would be the most important book about flower essences since the publication of Dr Edward Bach's work way back in the 1930's.

The basic technique of telegraph testing is to have the person who is being treated focus on the issue, and write down a list of all of the symptoms of the issue.  For example, if the issue being treated is the common cold, the symptom list may include a runny nose, sneezing, a cough, a sore throat, eyes watering, ear ache, blocked nasal passages, a headache, etc.  Write all of them down on your list.  Be sure to also include on the list any mental and emotional symptoms, for example these could include things like anxiety, panic, feeling depressed, claustrophobia, fear, etc.

Add on to the list add an extra item,  “Factor-X”.  This represents a symptom that is present, but which you missed.  Test intuitively to see whether there is also another  “missed” symptom, and if there is, add to the list a  “Factor-Y”.  Continue testing for more “missing” symptoms, adding them to the list for as long as they keep testing positive.  For most cases, there will be no more than one or two of these  “Factor-X and Y” type symptoms.

The really neat thing about this “Factor-X” thing is that it gives us a method of including in our treatment all of the symptoms and factors that may be influencing the issue being treated, including things that are presently as yet undiscovered by medical science.

Once we have our complete list, and there may be anything from two to dozens of items on the list, run down the list and test intuitively which items need to have a bottle of essences made up for each particular symptom, in order to adequately treat the issue as a whole.  It will hardly ever be necessary to include all of the symptoms in the treatment.  Some of the symptoms will be adequately covered by the treatment of the other symptoms.  Mark the symptoms on the list that do need treatment with a mixture of essences.

Now, have the person being tested focus on each of these symptoms in turn.  Have them hold their attention on that particular symptom, and while they do this, test intuitively for what essences are needed in a mixture for treating this symptom.

Write down the essences that test positive.  Once you have all of the essences needed, test for the required dosage,  ie. the number of times per day, and for how many days.

Once you are finished testing the first symptom, make up the required essence mixture in a bottle, and have the person take a dose of this mixture.  Then move on to the next symptom, and make up a list of the essences with which to treat this symptom, and so on.  Do each of the symptoms that require treatment in turn.

When you are finished, you will have a number of bottles, each one containing an essence mixture for treating one symptom.  Give these bottles to the person, and tell them to take the essences for the indicated time period.  As they take a dose from each bottle, they should focus with their mind on the particular symptom that corresponds to this essence mixture that they are taking, while they take the dose.

This focusing with the mind on the symptom puts the body's energy system into a state of experiencing this symptom, and therefore being receptive to the energy of the treatment for this symptom.  Once the drops from the bottle are taken, the person should pause for about 20 seconds for the energy of the mixture to spread right through the body and do its work.  They should then focus on the symptom of the next bottle and repeat the process.

For most issues, especially long-standing chronic conditions, a series of treatments will be needed.  It is important that this be done.  Have the client come back about a week after completing the longest-lasting bottle.  For second and subsequent treatments, begin by testing to find which of the symptoms still require treatment.  Some symptoms will need to be treated for longer than others.

Over a period of years, I used the Perelandra  “telegraph testing” extensively.  It was a great leap forward in increasing the effectiveness of essence therapy.  It does, however, have the drawback of being very time-consuming (and therefore quite expensive) for both the therapist and the client, so for this reason it is often just not practical.

Multiple Bottle Treatment with the New Millennium Essences

With the advent of the New Millennium Essences, I was amazed to discover that the Perelandra-style  “telegraph testing” was no longer necessary.  Because of the much greater depth and breadth of this latest generation of essences, complex issues can now be treated with a single bottle.  This is especially true with the more recently developed New Millennium Essences, eg. the   “New Generation Alchemy”, the New Millennium “Core Issues”, and the “Zero Point Field” essences, because of their greater power.

For most issues, when using the New Millennium Essences, all that is needed, is to have the client focus on the overall issue, and intuitively test which essences are needed in order to treat the issue in its totality.  Make up the essences as a single-bottle mixture that will cover all symptoms, to the same depth that would require multiple bottles if using earlier generation essences.

For really complex issues, there may be an advantage in using two bottles, and this is a technique that I sometimes use, especially if the issue includes a physical body component and an emotional/mental component.  I have used this technique many times, and I have found it to be very effective.  One bottle contains an essence mixture pertaining to the physical body symptoms and to the energy anatomy (chakras and meridians), and the other contains a mixture pertaining to the emotional and mental (what I often call the  “underlying cause”).  However, to effectively use this technique, I would recommend that you have a large collection of the New Millennium Essences, so as to effectively cover all bases.

Multiple Issues Treatment

If a person who you are treating with the New Millennium Essences has a number of separate issues that they wish to have treated with essences, there are basically two choices.

Either, you can revert back to the  “old” way of just doing a single bottle to cover all the issues.  Because of the greater depth and breadth of the New Millennium Essences, this single-bottle method for multiple issues actually works quite well.  For practical reasons, it is the method that I presently use for most of my client work, with good results.

Or, if the client is really keen to proceed as fast as possible, and is prepared to pay for the extra cost, (or, for your own self-treatment, of course), you can treat each of the issues with a separate mixture for each issue.  The technique is really quite simple.  Just have the client focus on each issue in turn, while you test what essences are needed for that issue.  Tell the client to focus on the issue while taking the mixture.  Test as usual for dosage.

This technique works equally well when using any of the various sets of the New Millennium Essences.


Another flower essence technique that was originated by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra, is the  “peeling”.

Full details of the technique of performing a Peeling are in Machaelle Small Wright's flower essence book.

A Peeling is used to dissolve energetic layers within the human energy field, that have been laid down over a long period of time, covering up a core issue.  The core issue is usually the legacy of some past trauma, which the person was not able to resolve at the time, so the emotional energy has been held in the energy field and over the years, each time the issue has come up again and not been able to be resolved, a fresh layer has been added over the top of the emotional energy associated with the issue.

You can only do a Peeling when the person is ready to deal with and resolve the issue, any attempt to do one when the person is not ready simply will not work.

To see whether any particular person (either yourself or a client) has an issue that is ready to be  “peeled”, test intuitively in the usual way.  It is not necessary to know what the issue is, and most Peelings are performed without consciously knowing any details of the issue.  During the actual Peeling process, the person may become aware of some details, and this is fine.  If nothing comes up into the conscious mind, this is O.K. too, as the healing always takes place at a deep subconscious level.

Technique for doing a   “Peeling”.

O.K. You are ready to begin the Peeling.  Simply test which essence (a single essence), is needed to begin, ie. to dissolve the outermost layer.  Give one drop of this essence, direct from the stock bottle, in the mouth. Then wait 20 seconds, and test again to find which essence is needed to dissolve the energy of the next layer.

Give one drop of this next essence, wait another 20 seconds, and test again.  Continue on, proceeding through the layers of the issue, until all layers have been dissolved.  How do you know when the Peeling is finished?  You will usually have an awareness come that  “this is the final layer”.  Or, you may test for the next layer, and get a negative, ie. no more essences are needed.

At the end of the final layer, the emotional energy resulting from the original trauma will be exposed, and the recommended way to totally heal this is to make up a mixture of essences for this core issue.  Test intuitively in the usual way, for a mixture of essences, including what dosage is appropriate (ie. how many does per day, for how many days).  The essence mixture is then made up in a bottle, in the usual way, and given to the person to take for as long as needed to complete the healing process for the core issue.

Some Peelings are very short, with just a few layers.  This is often the case with young children.  I recall doing a Peeling for my granddaughter when she was about 3 years old, and it was just two layers.  She had not had time to build up any more layers!  And, some Peelings are very long, with many layers to dissolve.  The record, for me, is a Peeling that I performed for Lisa described in this manual in the chapter A Tale of Two Flower Essence Therapists, which must have taken at least three hours to get through all the layers!

What if you run out of time, and have to stop part way through a Peeling?

That's O.K., just do a final layer by asking which essence is needed to  “hold the position”.  Give a drop of this essence, and as long as the Peeling is commenced within 10 days, it will make no difference.  If it is longer than 10 days, fresh layers may have been placed on top of the issue, and if this happens, just resume the process and dissolve all the layers, including the fresh ones.

Peelings with the New Millennium Essences

Because the New Millennium essences are more powerful than the Perelandra essences, peelings will be of less layers, as effectively several layers can be dissolved with one dose of an essence.  This is especially true when using the more recently-developed New Millennium Essences, eg. the New Generation Alchemy Essences, the Core Issues Essences, or the Zero Point Field Essences. Other than this, the technique is exactly the same.

The “Extended Peeling”

A variation on the Peeling Process, is what Machaelle Small Wright calls the  “Two Week Process”.  Sometimes, the issue being dissolved is such that the person can only handle the uncovering of the layers gradually, for example one layer every 24 hours.

The first layer is dissolved, and then you wait until 24 hours later, when the next layer is dissolved.  This  “Extended Peeling” continues for as long as needed.  The reason that Machaelle calls this variation of the process the  “Two Week Process”, is that when she first discovered this process, she did a large number of these processes for herself, and they always took exactly 14 days to complete.  I have found, however, that this is not always the case.  The  “Extended Peeling” may take more, or less, than 14 days.

As with a  “normal” Peeling, the Extended Peeling when using the New Millennium essences will require a smaller number of essences.  What was a 14 day process with the Perelandra essences, should be completed in 5 to 7 days when using the New Millennium essences, especially if you are using the more recently-developed New Millennium Essences.

For more detailed information about Perelandra, refer to the many books, audio tapes and video tapes by Machaelle Small Wright.

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To be continued, with more details of Peter's experiences of working with the Perelandra techniques, and how this led him to develop more powerful versions of these, and much more, using the full power of the New Millennium Essences.

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