A new set of flower essences for the new century.

Why Another Set of Essences?

What?  Yet another set of flower essences?
Surely the world already has enough?

The answer?  Many reasons, some of which can be expressed in a way that our intellects can understand, some of which cannot.

Among these reasons are:

(1)  Like many projects of this type, as explained in other parts of this manual, it was not a case of someone coming up with this great idea of  “Let's make a new set of New Zealand essences!  And let's design it so that it covers all of the following........”

Now, I am sure that at some place or level of the inner realms, this is what more-or-less happened.  Nothing in the universe happens by chance, including the appearance of a new set of flower essences.

However, “The Project” was not planned by any human mind.  It was revealed, stage by stage;  with this being an ongoing, dynamic, continuing process.

(2)  As we approached and went through the new millennium, the energies of humankind, and of the plants, have changed at an unprecedented rate.  Essences made a decade or more ago are matched to the energies of those former times.  It's not that the older essences no longer work  (although, eventually, they will become less and less effective).  It's more that, as the years pass and we humans evolve and change, the old essences have not evolved and changed with us.  As we evolve and change, the healing energies available to us from Nature evolve and change, and to bring these healing energies to us in a convenient form requires us to make essences from a new range of plants.

(3)  As the mass consciousness of humanity evolves, it becomes possible to work in new ways.  More direct ways.  For example:

(4)  The totality of the energy of a set of essences is much more than the sum of its parts.  You might ask  “Why a complete new set?  Why not just add extra essences to one of the older sets?”

For minor changes, adding extra essences to an older essence set is fine.  But, what we have here is a totally different energy.  The New Millennium Essences can be mixed with other essences, but the set as a whole is complete, having an energy of its own, which is a lot different to all earlier generations of essences.

Each individual essence is a complete bundle of healing energies, as summarized in its “definition”, but each individual essence is also part of a larger whole, a part of the energy of the complete set of essences to which it belongs.

And each individual essence is designed to be used in combination with the other essences of the set to which it belongs, thus achieving the synergy that is designed into the set as a whole.

(5)  Each succeeding generation of new essences gives us more grunt where we need it.  As we proceed into the age of Aquarius, it's like everything is speeding up.  We no longer have the luxury of taking many years to move through our healing process.  We need more powerful tools to help us shift our “stuff”, at a much faster rate.  This new set of essences is one of these tools.

(6)  The “Super-Essences”.  With this new way of combining together the power of individual essences, the New Millennium Essences have really “come of age”.  The design for the “Super-Essences” is inherent within each of the individual New Millennium essences.  The potential to be combined together in this powerful new way is not present in the older generations of essences.

To summarise, the  “New Millennium Essences of New Zealand” are the carrier of a complete new set of healing energies, designed to assist in the healing of humanity in the greatly changed times of the New Millennium.

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