Some of the New Energy flower essence bottles

Flower Essences for the New Energy

New tools, for the “new reality”, as we move fully into the “new energy” of the new millennium.....

Traditionally, all flower essences have been inherently “dualistic” in nature, in that every flower essence is for help with an issue that is also inherently dualistic in nature. There has always been a “negative” aspect to an essence, and a “positive” aspect. In fact, the formal “definition” of many of these traditional essences has usually been divided into two sections, a “negative” and a “positive”.

An example of a “traditional” essence of this type would be our  Plum flower essence, for abundance issues. The “negative” side of the Plum essence is (quoting directly from the essence definition) “experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life”, and its “positive” side is “to encourage the energy of abundance in one's life”. The two aspects are always opposites of each other; and, in this dualistic world that we live in, this is logical, and it is what we would expect. Everything has its opposite, including every “issue”. For every “up”, there is a “down”, and every coin has two sides.

However, in the 21st century, humanity is now ready to move into a new way of being, a more inherently holistic way of being, where the old “duality reality” is being replaced by a “New Reality” of wholeness and completeness. This is a reality where there do not have to be “winners” and “losers”, where everything is complete in itself, where everything just is what it is, in all its perfection.

All of the flower essences of this New Energy type only came into being from March 2002 onwards. They suddenly began appearing, in great numbers, and their energy felt a lot different to all of the earlier flower essences that preceded them.

Also, all of these New Energy Essences are modern, human-bred, plants; many of them are modern hybrid roses, while none of them are old “traditional” or “indigenous” varieties of plants.

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Let us start with two little mini-sets of essences (each of four bottles), which are possibly the most useful essences that we have ever produced. The two mini-sets are quite different to each other, but each in its own way is really exquisite.....

Bokit Begonia, one of the Emotional and Physical Relief flower essences. Click to see full details Emotional and Physical Relief    
Our brand new little mini-set of four very special and unique flower essences, for bringing you genuine relief from those “symptoms” that are bugging you. For help with cutting through all the complex web of out-of-balance energies that are holding in place the baggage that is preventing you from moving on.

Milestone Iris, one of our Original Perfection essences. Click for details Original Perfection Essences
We are very pleased to bring you this lovely little set of our four “original perfection” essences. We believe that these are the most exquisite and “delicious” and perfect flower essences that we have ever made. They help you to return to that normal, natural state of perfect harmony and balance, a state of grace. We invite you to experience them for yourself.

Let us now look at the “New Energy Classic Series”, that were all discovered in April to June 2002. They fall into three small sets, as follows.....

Typhoon Rose, one of the Body Energy flower essences. Click to see full details Body Energy Mini-Set    
Our little mini-set of three “Body Energy” flower essences, for working directly with the body energy in various ways. Includes essences for dealing with the energy of shock in the body cells, and with the energy of apprehension, and with an energy of the past that is embedded in the cells.

Pink Dahlia, one of the Energy Anatomy flower essences. Click to see full details Energy Anatomy Set    
Our little set of eleven “Energy Anatomy” flower essences, for working with the human energy anatomy in various ways. Includes essences for help with cleansing and rebalancing the chakras, meridians, etc, for repairing energetic damage, for dealing with negative energy, and for releasing energetic blockages.

Saratoga Rose, one of the New Reality flower essences. Click to see full details New Reality Set    
This is our set of fifteen of our “New Reality” flower essences, for help in a general way with the issues associated with moving fully into the New Energy state of being. They cover various issues, mainly of a “spiritual” nature, but in a way that is very practical and down-to-earth.

Yellow-Orange Lily, one of the New Energy Personal Transformation flower essences. Click for details New Energy Personal Transformation Set    
We have taken fifteen of the “best of the best” essences from the above three sets, and packaged them together in this one set of fifteen. These are the most important fifteen of all of our “New Energy” flower essences.

And now we will look at several “miscellaneous” mini-sets of New Energy essences, for various specialist uses.....

Escallonia bifida, one of the master paradigm essences. Click for details Master Paradigm Essences    
Here is a little mini-set of three Master Paradigm flower essences, for helping us to release our old beliefs of who and what we really are, and to help us see the Truth of Who We Really Are.

Amberlight Rose, one of the flowers for assisting the body in the complete reconfiguration of the human energy system. Click to see the details New Energy Super-Essences    
This is a small, but very powerful, collection of Super-Essences, to assist in working deeply at the DNA, cellular and energy anatomy level to release old embedded programming, including issues inherited from past generations in the family.

Pink Heart Energy Rose, one of the sexuality flower essences. Click to see full details Sexuality and Gender Issues    
Flower essences for issues of sexuality and gender. All of humanity is obsessed by sex and sexuality, and these flowers bring to us the potential to heal the various aspects of this obsession. In the New Energy times of this new millennium, we are now able to work directly in new ways with the energies of the issues of sexuality and gender.

And finally we have our beautiful New Energy Essence Manual and laminated flower cards.....

Click to see full details of our New Energy Manual New Energy Essences Manual
This manual covers our 40 main New Energy Essences, as described below, and is printed on high-quality 100 gsm paper, large A4 size, 60 pages, with large color pictures of the flowers.

Click to see full details of our New Energy Card Set New Energy Flower Cards
This set of laminated cards covers our 40 main New Energy Essences, as described below. The cards are A6 size, and each card has a large color picture of the flower. These cards are a joy to work with.

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Click here listen to, or download, an MP3 audio file of Peter speaking about the New Energy Essences.

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