Rosy Cushion Rose, one of the Body Energy Essences

Body Energy Flower Essences

New tools, for the “new reality”, as we move fully into the “new energy” of the new millennium.....

Here is a little mini-set of Body Energy flower essences, for working directly with energy states of the body.  All of these essences are very much products of the 21st Century, in that they only began appearing from March 2002, and until the arrival of these “new energy times”, of the 21st century, it has not been possible to work directly with these body energies in the way that these flower essences work.

These are a small, specialist set of essences that deal with a very important issue, this issue being the accumulation of a form of energy in the physical body at the cellular level. In this case, when we say “energy in the body”, we are not referring to the “energy anatomy” of the body, ie. the meridians and the chakras, etc.

Here, we are referring to an energy that is present in the actual physical cells and tissues of the physical body. This energy is in a form where it could be said that this energy is “dissolved” in the cells, or alternatively, it could be said that it is a type of “cellular memory”.

Our bodies are equipped to deal with energy of this type, to process and release it from the body cells. However, because of the fast pace of modern life, and also because most people are ignorant that there is such a thing as this issue, much of this energy accumulates in the body, and over time, we carry a heavier and heavier load, which eventually must contribute to illnesses and dysfunctions of various types.

The phenomenon of “post-traumatic stress” is now widely accepted, and our research has shown that an important part of the mechanism of how this stress is actually carried in the body is in this form of energy, in the body cells. The Typhoon Rose addresses this issue.

Our research in this area has also uncovered the “energy of the past” phenomenon, as described on the Rosy Cushion Rose page, where much of our past experience has resulted in an accumulation of a form of energy, from our past experiences, in our body cells.

Regarding the use of these “Body Energy” essences in practice, I have found from experience that virtually everybody will benefit tremendously from the Rosy Cushion Rose, to give their bodies a helping hand in releasing the “energy from the past”. In some people, the amount of benefit gained is astounding.

For most people suffering from a high level of post-traumatic stress, the Typhoon Rose will give some benefit, although other treatment should also be given at the same time, for the emotional issues involved. The same goes for people who suffer greatly from apprehension, wherein the Stargazer Rose should give at least some degree of benefit, especially if combined with other essences.

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Stargazer Rose, the essence for apprehension. Click to go to a large picture Apprehension     Stargazer Rose
For apprehension and nervousness of all types, from all causes. When we are fearful about a possible future happening, our mental state triggers off a process in our emotions and in our physical body that is similar to being in a state of shock. This essence helps our body, mind and emotions to deal with this, processing and integrating the energy,
and allowing us to move on into the anticipated event with confidence
that all will be well.

Rosy Cushion Rose, the energy from the past essence. Click to go to a large picture Energy of the Past     Rosy Cushion Rose
To help process, integrate and dissolve an energy state in the body that originates from past experience. It is like our bodies are weighed down and clogged up with this energy that originates from past events that we have judged to be hurtful or “bad”. One consequence of being constantly in this energy-state is a heightened level of self-doubt.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Set, the Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set, and the New Energy Personal Transformation Set.

Typhoon Rose, the shock treatment essence. Click to go to a large picture Shock     Typhoon Rose
For the treatment of shock of all types, from all causes.
The experiencing of a trauma that leaves us in a “state of shock” results in our body energy going into a state of hyper-activity. This essence helps the body to deal with this and accelerates the process of returning to normality. Also for the treatment of post-traumatic stress.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the New Energy Personal Transformation Set.

If you would like to work with these Body Energy essences in the physical form of bottles of essences, they are available from us as a mini-set of three essences, or you can purchase any of them as individual bottles.

All of these essences are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.

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