Violet Pansies with Roses, the essence for the spiritual to body cell interface

Cellular Biology Flower Essences

New ways of working with our DNA.....

The human body is indeed a wondrous and incredibly complex thing. Our modern mainstream science largely views the body as a complex mechanism, run largely by interactions of chemical compounds, like a hugely complex machine. This view of the body is actually obsolete, because very recent, and ongoing, research is revealing a more complex and holistic paradigm of how the body really works.

This little set of eight flower essences draws on some of this latest research to provide energetic tools for working with some of the processes that take place within the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. The first three of the essences described below are for helping the body to optimize the very complex processes of the proteins configuring themselves into various configurations, in response to signals they receive from the environment and from the mind.

The development of these essences was inspired by the work of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, and by the information in his book, “The Biology of Belief”. In this book, Bruce explains in a very clear and understandable way how biologists are now making discoveries that are revolutionizing science's theories of how the cells in our body work and how the mind controls the body. For more details on this, go to Bruce's website at

Here are the essences in this little set of cellular biology essences.....

DNA Protein Cover     Crassula perfoliata
Crassula perfoliata, relating to the protein cover of the DNA. Click for a large picture Recent research has shown that the proteins that cover each gene of our DNA have a huge role to play in that they can configure themselves in thousands of ways, modifying the readout from the DNA. Which precise configuration the protein cover goes into is determined by environmental factors, including the mental and emotional state of the body and mind. Our thoughts and emotions can therefore be said to greatly influence our body processes via this mechanism. This flower essence modulates the process of the protein DNA cover taking up its configuration, and therefore assists the body in obtaining an optimum copy of the information that is being read out from the genes.

Cell Membrane Gateways     Raspberry Ice Rose
Raspberry Ice Rose, optimizing the cell membrane gates. Click for a large picture Every cell in our body, all trillions of them, has thousands of “gates” in its covering membrane. These gates are used to pass through, in either direction, a range of chemicals either needed by the cell, or needing to be excreted from inside to the outside of the cell. The input gates are known as receptor sites and the output gates are known as effector sites. How well these gates work, and also the many parameters of what is the most appropriate configuration for current performance, is modulated by proteins in the cell membrane. This essence energetically assists in the process of the proteins aligning themselves into the optimum configuration in alignment with all the factors that influence this process.

Cellular EMF to Physical Interface     Haemanthus coccineus
Haemanthus coccineus, the flower essence for optimizing cellular EMF. Click for a large picture Our body cells work by a combined process of chemical interactions and electromagnetic processes. For example, our nervous system works largely through the process of electrical type signals passing through the cells of our nervous system, and every cell in our body is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. This is a very complex process, and includes the proteins in our cells changing their configurations in response to the ever-changing patterns of emf radiation in which they are constantly bathed. This flower essence assists our body to optimize this process of our proteins responding to the emf fields.

Mind-Body Connection     Redoute Rose
Redoute Rose, the flower essence for optimizing the mind-body connection. Click for a large picture There is a very intimate relationship between our mind and our body. In a way, it can be said that “the mind permeates the body cells, and the collective intelligence of the cells actually is the mind”. This is an over-simplification of the very complex interaction between the mind and the body, which has many aspects to it. One of these aspects is that our body is continuously being created by our thoughts, including the sum total of our subconscious mind. This flower essence is for helping to optimize this complex process of the mind creating the body, to help in the process of releasing the effects of old dysfunctional thoughts that are toxic to the body and having a healthy mind and therefore a healthy body.

Body Cells Intelligence     Ambridge Rose
Ambridge Rose, for enhancing body cell intelligence. Click for details A flower essence for helping the body to optimize its “cellular intelligence”. The body cells, individually and collectively, have an intelligence that is embodied in the proteins of the cells, in the way that the amino acids connect together to make up the proteins, under the guidance of the programs stored in the DNA and expressed in the RNA. The cells are constantly learning from their environment, and the result of the sum total of this learning is stored, as their “intelligence”, in their proteins. This process is influenced by many factors, including the state of the body's nervous system, and this essence is for helping the body to optimize this process.

Spiritual Body Influences     Violet Pansies, among Roses
Violet Pansies, the flower essence for the spirit-body connection. Click for a large picture This flower essence is for helping in the “spiritual” aspects of the mind-body-spirit interactions. Our body cells are hugely influenced by our mind, and also by what could be called our “spiritual health”. Our spiritual health comprises factors that include our spiritual beliefs, like whether we believe in the old-fashioned concept of “sin”, or the more healthy definition of sin as “wrongful thinking”. It also includes past-life karmic issues, and our personal relationship with “God”. For example, do we believe in the old-fashioned, wrathful God, who is separate from us, and will punish us for our wrong-doing? Or do we believe in God as being a part of us, totally loving us without reservation?

Red and Violet Pachystachya, the cell biology physical factors flower essence. Click for details Cell Biology - Physical Factors     Red and Violet Pachystachya lutea
Cell Biology, Cellular Consciousness, Physical Factors
This essence is for helping our body's cells fully express their inherent intelligence at the physical level.

Yellow Pachystachya, enhancing cellular biology intelligence. Click for large picture Cell Biology - Energetic Factors     Yellow Pachystachya lutea
Cell Biology, Cellular Consciousness, Energetic Factors
This essence is for helping our body's cells fully express their inherent intelligence at the energetic level - ie. the level of our human energy field.

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