Windrush Rose, one of the New Energy Super-Essences.

New Energy Super-Essences

New tools, for the “new reality”, as we move fully into the “new energy” of the new millennium.....

This is a small, but very powerful, collection of Super-Essences, specifically made for the New Energy from New Energy flower essences, mainly Hybrid Tea roses.

These Super-Essences work very deeply at the DNA, cellular and energy anatomy level to release old embedded programming, including issues inherited from past generations in the family, and then to overhaul and rebalance at each of those levels.

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Body-Embedded Programming
The Parkdirektor Riggers Rose, one of the flowers for dissolving the body-embedded programming. Click for details A group of new essences to help the body to dissolve the various types of  “Body Embedded Programming”,  that is deeply embedded in our bodies at the cellular level.  Until this deeply embedded programming is released, we cannot be truly “free”.  Includes body-embedded beliefs, dysfunctional body programming, trauma incident legacy-packages, memes, archetypes, programmed learning, and early childhood trauma memory.

Amberlight Rose, one of the flowers for assisting the body in the complete reconfiguration of the human energy system. Click to see the details Energy Anatomy Transformation
Flower essences to assist in the complete reconfiguration of the human energy anatomy.  For those of us who are entering fully into the “New Reality”, our chakras and our meridians, and also our energy bodies, are being totally reconfigured, and these essences are for helping the body in this process.

Moody Dream Rose, one of the flower essences for helping the body with the radical changes to our DNA. Click to see details DNA Overhaul and Reprogramming
For those of us who are now entering fully into the “new energy” of this New Reality, our DNA system is being totally reconfigured, and these new essences are for assisting our bodies to undergo these changes.

Silver Lining Rose, for dissolving generationally passed-down trauma. Click for details Generationally Inherited Family Issues
Flower essences to assist in dealing with all of the inherited “family issues” that are passed down through the generations.  Includes essences for dissolving the energy of generationally passed-down family trauma, inherited programmed emotional responses, body structure and performance, etc.

Pink, Red and White Gloxinias, to assist the shaman on the sacred healing journey. Click for details Shamanic Healing
Flower essences to assist in assist in the “sacred journeying” work, where the shaman goes out and finds the parts of the soul that have fragmented off from the person at the time of some past trauma, and brings these fragmented parts back home to be reunited with the whole person, so that the wounds of original trauma can be healed.

You are welcome to work with the energies directly from the pictures of all of these flowers, in whatever way suits you, including printing the pictures on your color printer. You do not need to ask our permission for any private use of the pictures and information on this website. However, for any commercial or business use, we request that you ask us for permission.

If you would like to work with these New Energy essences in the physical form of bottles of essences, they are available from us as various sets and mini-sets, or you can purchase any of them as individual bottles.

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Also note that forty of these essences feature in our printed hard-copy New Energy Essences Manual, which features beautiful color pictures of the flowers. For details of this manual, or to place your order for your copy, go to this page.

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