Trollius Superbus, for fully realizing our perfection and our connection to our original perfect source

Original Perfection Flower Essences

Bringing formless perfection into physical form.....

This little set of four flower essences is probably the most exquisetly beautiful project that I have ever worked on. They are “absolute perfection”: the flowers are stunningly beautiful, and the energies that the essences represent are beyond human comprehension in their divine beauty and majesty.

I will say no more. You decide for yourself.....

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Natural Balance and Harmony     Milestone Iris
Milestone Iris, the flower essence of natural balance and harmony. Click to go to a large picture We come from a state of total balance and harmony, and this is our normal, natural state. In this dualistic world, we spend a lot of our time in an unbalanced state, and we often forget, in the heat of the drama of our day-to-day battles and struggles, that balance and harmony are our natural state of being. This essence is to help us, on all levels, to realize, attain, and stay in, that normal and natural state of natural perfection and harmony.

Connection to Source     Trollius Superbus
Trollius Superbus, the flower essence for connection to our perfect source. Click to go to a large picture We originally come from a place of such total perfection, harmony and joy, that in this place, and this state of being, there is absolutely no possibility of any disharmony or imbalance. We have temporarily forgotten our original home, in order to experience the limitations and frustrations of living in an imperfect, out of balance, unharmonious world. We have done this in order to more fully appreciate and experience our inherent perfection, by also experiencing being “imperfect”. This essence helps us to reconcile and integrate our experiences of imperfection and disharmony, and to therefore fully realize, experientially, that we are indeed perfect in every way.

Transforming into Perfection     Pyjama Lily
Pyjama Lily, the flower essence for transforming into perfection. Click to go to a large picture When we left our original home, we came into a world of duality and falsehood in order to fully experience all possible variations of imperfection and disharmony. Our purpose in doing this was to become fully aware, experientially, of our own natural perfection, by experiencing the opposite. This essence helps us in the process of becoming aware of our natural perfection, and of actually being this perfection, while still in our body here in the imperfect world. This is a major step along our path of self-realization, by remembering who we really are, and integrating our experiences of who we are not, thus becoming not only “perfect”, but also fully aware of the nature of our perfection.

Releasing Duality     Red Mill Pieris
Red Mill Pieris, the flower essence for releasing our perceived need for duality. Click to go to a large picture We have become so hypnotized and indoctrinated by our experiences of being dualistic, in this dualistic world, that we have totally forgotten who we really are, and we have come to believe that duality and disharmony are our true nature. We have come to love the drama and passion of our play-acting, and we are unwilling to even consider that the actual truth might be different. This essence is to help us become willing to see the truth, and to release our perceived need to continue fighting the duality battles and dramas that we have come to believe are so important.

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