The Sexuality and Gender Issues essences in their bottles

Flower Essences for Sexuality and Gender Issues

Here is a set of flower essences for issues of sexuality and gender. All of humanity is obsessed by sex and sexuality, and these flowers bring to us the potential to heal the various aspects of this obsession.

Sex and sexuality must be the most controversial, and the most misunderstood, issue that has ever been faced by humanity. The flower essences in this following section deal with various aspects of sex and lovemaking in refreshingly direct ways, with particular emphasis upon the energetic aspects of physical lovemaking. Many of the issues addressed by these essences are drawn from the work of Barry Long, and of Bernie Prior, and also from my many years of experientially working with these issues myself.

At the core of these sexuality issues, there are the following facts.. The nature of "love" is totally misunderstood by most of humanity, with emotional attachment and dependency usually mistakenly identified as "love". Sexual love is often thought of as being somehow inferior to "divine love", when in fact, sexual love, practised in the manner that our bodies were actually designed to practise it (rather than in the debased way that most of humanity abuses sex), is a vitally important, and very beautiful, "spiritual practise" in its own right.

During physical sexual lovemaking, our bodies are designed to undergo a complex range of energetic processes. However, for almost everybody in our modern society, most of the high vibrational energies that are a necessary component of these energetic processes are blocked from undertaking their designed functions by the huge amount of gross emotional energy that saturates the bodies of both the man and the woman. See the appropriate individual essences for the details of these energetic processes of lovemaking, and for details of how these essences can be used to help these processes.

The flower essences in this section address these issues, in a holistic, non-dualistic way, as described for each essence

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Click to have a healing with Cream Rose - unifying divine love and sexual love Divine Sexual Love     Cream Rose
Healing the perceived split between sexual love and Divine Love. A “new energy” essence, to help facilitate the healing of the perceived split between God's love and sexual love. This perceived gulf between the supposed “pure” love of God, and the “impure” love between man and woman is actually an illusion that is deeply entrenched in the mass
psyche of humanity.

Click to have a healing with Valentine Heart rose - releasing emotional attachment Emotional Attachment    Valentine Heart Rose
The illusion of emotional attachment. To help heal a “broken heart” where a person perceives that they have been hurt by love or by loving. To help such a person to see through the illusion of what passes for “love” but is in reality emotional attachment to the person or thing that is perceived to be the cause of the pain.

Click to have a healing with Elina Rose - healing the separation between woman and man Gender Separation    Elina Rose
Healing the separation between men and women.
A “new energy” essence, to help transcend the illusion of the duality paradigm, as it is perceived in the relationships between man and woman on planet Earth.

Click to have a healing with Pink Rose - moving into the new energy paradigm Heart Connection    Pink Rose
Enhancing and deepening the heart energy connection between men and women. A “new energy” essence, to help facilitate a stronger, clearer heart connection, with a more pure energy, based on the energy of true unconditional love. To help woman and man to move on from the “old energy” paradigm based on duality and karma, into
the “new energy” paradigm of partnership and love.

Click to have a healing with Dark Red Rose - seeing through the illusion and walking away Codependent Abusive Relationship    Dark Red Rose
For “women who love too much” The abusive relationship, where she (or he) just cannot walk away, because she is caught in the trap of emotional dependency masquerading as love. This essence helps her to finally break the chains of delusion and to heal whatever it is inside her that was holding her blind to the reality.

Click to have a healing with Little Girl Rose - transforming Sexual Man into Healed Man Sexual Man    Little Girl Rose
To help all men see through the illusion of the “sexual games” and to learn to love woman for what she truly is, ie. God/Goddess in human form. To help men to step out of the cultural conditioning regarding their sexuality, and to see the truth of what it really is to be a man who relates to woman in a balanced and healthy manner, loving woman for
herself, without ulterior sexual motives and with no expectation of what
he can “get” from her.

Click to have a healing with Amazon Rose - All women need to be truly loved Sexual Woman    Amazon Rose
Because man has not accepted His own Divinity, he cannot see the Divinity in woman. This creates a discontentment in her very soul and a sadness so great that she wonders if she will ever be loved in the way her heart remembers as her birthright. This essence helps all women to overcome whatever blocks they may have to the realisation of their own
Divinity, thus transforming from the discontented, unhappy “sexual woman”,
into the whole and complete “Divine Woman”.

Click to have a healing with Sunrose Rose - dissolving emotional sexual energy Emotional Sexual Energy Release    Sunrose Rose
Dissolving from the body of man and woman, the old, duality-based,
sexual energy that has entrapped and fascinated men and women for all of time. Once this emotional sexual energy is released, it makes room for the “Divine Sexuality” to be experienced, the “genuine tantra” of heart-centered Divine Sexual Love. This is the “lost key to happiness
and joy” for all humans.

The above essences are “new energy” essences, in that they were all made very recently, since March 2002. These “new energy” essences are fully in alignment with the changed energy of humanity in this new millennium.

The eight essences above comprise the “Sexuality and Gender Issues” Set of Essences.

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The following essences are somewhat “older”, in that they were first made around 1998 to 1999, and are part of the New Millennium Essences “fourth-generation main set” of essences, which act like a “bridge” between the “old energy” of duality and the “new energy” of wholeness.....

These essences are not part of the “Sexuality and Gender Issues” Set of Essences, but they may be ordered as individual essences.

Click to have a healing with Ostrich Foot, healing gender-baser wounds Gender Wars    Ostrich Foot
Helping heal the hurts carried by men and women since the beginning
of time (gender based). Men hurting women, and women hurting men. The pain of words that pierce the body like small arrows, leaving the fabric of humanity scarred and afraid.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Set and the Relationship Super-Essences Set.

Click to have a healing with Plantain - the inner sacred marriage Male/Female Integration    Plantain
To nourish the sacred inner marriage of a person's separate male and female parts, for people who are serious about their spiritual progress.

Click to have a healing with Iceberg Rose, restoring one's sense of purity Sexual Abuse    Iceberg Rose
For healing all levels of sexual abuse, including sexual harassment.
For women and for men. To help restore one's ability to stand proud and tall, look the world in the eye, and smile.

Click to have a healing with Marjoram, healing sexual programmed roles Sexual Stereotyped Roles    Marjoram
To help break through rigid sexual stereotyping on all levels. The man who has to have a pretty woman. The stud mentality. The woman who thinks she has be always available.

Click to have a healing with Lantana, healing toxic sexuality of all types Sexual Toxicity    Lantana
To eliminate toxic sexual attitudes that have arisen since the sexually repressed influence of the Victorian era. Obsessive/compulsive energy. The extremes of the continuum range from repressed sexuality to sexual perversion.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Men's Issues Super-Essences Set.

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