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New Generation Alchemy Essences

Our new set of advanced flower remedies. Taking the science of flower essences to a new level.....

Here are our “New Generation Alchemy Set” of flower essences. These are the new essences that will help to “transform (or transmute) base humanity into its full golden potential”, and to wake up to the totality of the truth of human experience, why we have undertaken this experience, and to help us see through the many layers of falsehood and illusion that passes for “accepted wisdom”, but in reality is part of the challenge of coming into a full awakening.

The falsehood is not “bad”, because it is also part of what is needed for us to fully learn to discern what is really the truth, which we do by buying into the falsehood, and then, bit by bit, in our practical experience of living, ie. “the human experience”, we learn to discern the truth for ourselves, experientially. This set of essences is to help us in this process of awakening our discernment, and by doing this, we automatically “heal” all that we believed to be “dis-eased”.

This set of “New Generation Alchemy Essences” is intended for use by people who are fully ready to make a really serious commitment to this process.  While there are no absolute “rules” as to who is ready for this level of work, with these very powerful essences, for most people you should first have dealt with your more basic emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues at a more basic level, before you will be ready for this process. Our more basic essences are ideal for this preparatory work.

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Let us start with a set of 40 New Generation Alchemy essences, designed for primarily for the practitioner who is wanting to do more advanced healing work with their clients.....

Cornus capitata, one of the New Generation Alchemy Practitioner essences. Click to see full details New Generation Alchemy Practitioner's Set    
This Practitioner's set brings the majority of our “New Generation Alchemy” flower essences together in one set. It is suitable for healers and practitioners working with clients who have already done much personal and spiritual growth, and looking for tools to take them to the next level.

And now here are some specialist sets of essences for working with a specific issue or issues. While the issues addressed by some of these sets overlap issues from our earlier categories, such as our Super-essence Sets, these essences are intended for those working with clients who are prepared to take a large share of the responsibility for their own healing and personal growth....

Addictions and Codependency Set    
Peperomia polybotrya, the main Addictions flower essence. Click to see full details Here is our set of essences for healing addictions and addictive behaviours of all types, including smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling and relationships, etc. This set also addresses issues of codependency in relationships, and the resulting pattern of abuse, blame and self-judgement.

Body Healing and Balancing Set
Feverfew, one of the Body Healing and Balancing flower essences. Click to see full details Our set of ten “Body Healing and Balancing ” flower essences, for improving body energy, balance, rejuvenation and wellbeing. This set also assists the body with its own innate healing processes, provides stability during healing, and helps in the release of body symptoms.  This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

Energetic Protection Set
Serendipity Rose, the essence for complete protection. Click for details This set of flower essences is for those of us who are very sensitive to picking up negative energies from other people, or that remain behind in buildings and public spaces. It brings together some of our latest work in this area, for both releasing the negative and gross energies from the body, and also protecting from further energetic attack.  This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

Transforming the Self Set
Dahlia Titoki Point, one of the Transforming the Self flower essences. Click to see full details This is our set of flower essences for those seriously wanting to release their ego-driven games and behaviours, as well as their attachments in and to this insane world that we inhabit, and achieve true mastery of the Self. Includes help for attaining true “adulthood” and uncovering one's innate, hidden talents.  This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

Small Burnt Daisy, one of the Recovery from Trauma flower essences. Click to see full details Recovery from Trauma Set    
We have packed together in one little set, a powerful selection of flower essences for dealing with acute trauma, or for working with clients who are recovering from severe trauma, or suffering the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

And finally here are several “miscellaneous” New Generation Alchemy essences, for various specialist uses.....

Red Blossom in snow, one of the specialist New Generation Alchemy essences. Click for details Specialist Essences    
Here are several essences, for dealing with negative energy and healing the energy anatomy, as well as for acute trauma. These essences were all found in the depths of winter, mostly in snow, and so embody a special energy...

These New Generation Alchemy essences were developed in 2003 and 2004, and we have been testing them since then on ourselves, and some clients and friends. They carry an incredible energy that goes right of the heart of the issues in a way that no earlier essences have done. We held them back from full public release until April 2007, because we felt that the time was not right until then. However, we now feel that the mass consciousness of humanity has evolved to the point where a good number of people are ready for these essences.

As always, your comments and feedback are very welcome. We are very excited by these New Generation Alchemy Essences, and we would love to hear from you with your feedback on how you experienced them through the media of their pictures.

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