A field of Kunzea in flower on John Hood's farm in Tasmania

Essential Oil

Kunzea ambigua


Anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antimicrobial

Nervine, stress-relief

Kunzea - a truly unique essential oil with many uses Kunzea is a unique, fairly new, essential oil from Tasmania, Australia. Developed by a Tasmania farmer, John Hood, who noticed that the steel wire fence that had this strange plant growing near it was not rusting, and decided to find out why.

After years of investigation, trials, etc, the result is this amazing essential oil, with unique properties.

Kunzea's main claim to fame is that it contains within its biochemical makeup, no less than six sesquiterpine compounds (C15 compounds), all of which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and when combined together in the one essential oil, along with the other compounds that make up the oil, give Kunzea its extremely powerful anti-inflammatory action, making it unique for applications like reumatoid arthritis and reumatism, where you just rub it neat on the affected joints to obtain immediate relief.

It also can be combined with other oils into a powerful massage blend, for the relief of sore muscles, etc. And, if this was not enough, it has powerful anti-infectious and antimicrobial properties, that make it into a very effective essential oil for the treatment of many types of infection, including the common cold.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a great oil for treating insect bites and stings, etc, where it deals with the inflammation, and also prevents infection from taking hold.

For the technically-minded, Kunzea's unique properties are in large part due to the presence in its biochemical makeup of these six C15 compounds,,,,, globulol, viridiflorol, spathulenol, ledol and bicyclogermacrene. According to the well-know French medical aromatic doctor, Dr Daniel Pénoël, this makes this oil totally unique and very powerful, and he uses kunzea in his medical practice to control inflammation, including using it internally, taken in capsules.

Kunzea - an amazing oil for its anti-inflammatory properties
Grown and distilled by:   Du Cane Estate, Tasmania, Australia

Availability:   Not in most stores.

Extraction Method:   Steam distilled

Plant parts used:   Foliage and flowers

Principal Properties:       Anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antimicrobial

Other Properties include:  Anti-stress

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