Orange Canna Lily, the debugger essence for decontamination

Debugger Healing Essences

Advanced level "debugger" essences.

We have been working with essences for "debugging" negative energies for a long time.

This little set of essences is the culmination of all that work, and is also part of our very advanced "Quantum" essences.

Listed below are the individual essences that comprise this extraordinarily powerful little essence set.

Immunity and Antidote     "Spooky" Trees
Spooky Trees, the Immunity and Antidote Debugger essence. Click for details This grove of trees, located near the seaside in Thames, have a decidedly "spooky" energy about them, a dark and foreboding, and negative brooding kind of energy. Their "spooky" energy is being used in this essence as a very advanced remedy for gaining immunity from all kind of evil and negativity, of the kind that the energy of these trees represent.

Decontamination     Orange Canna Lily.
Orange Canna Lily, the debugger essence for decontamination. Click for details This flower essence, a single orange canna lily plant in the middle of a small grove of trees and other plants, nicely complements the other two debugger essences in this little set, by providing a powerful "decontamination" energy, that cleans out the toxic contamination energy that is the legacy of a person being infested by negative entities and similar.

Transcending Evil     Pink Rose
Pink Rose, for transcending evil. Click for details This is the "Jack Cohen Memorial Rose", in the Te Aroha Community Gardens. I did not know Jack, but I presume he was someone who worked tirelessly for the good of the community. I also presume that some of that good energy is now residing in this rose, energising it for its work as the essence for transcending evil, and promoting good.

Protection from Energy Attack     Guardian Tree
Guardian Tree, for protection from energy attack. Click for details A tree essence for help with protection from “energy attack”. An essence made from a tree that grows on the northwest corner of Peter's property. Guardian trees of this kind can be found in various places, standing ready to repel any attack from any form of negative or evil energy.

If you have any questions or comments about this breakthrough essence set, or if you would like to know more about it, or to try it for yourself, please  us.

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