Cosmos, the original core wounding essence

Quantum Healing Essences

Very advanced multidimensional essences for the 21st century.

   The truly breakthrough "alchemical transformation" healing for the 21st Century....

Very occasionally, there is a truly revolutionary breakthrough made in some field of human endeavour.

This is one of those very rare occasions. After 25 years of intensive research and development, involving many thousands of hours of dedicated effort.

Holding steady to a vision of what must be possible, we are pleased to announce that it has finally been done. The “Holy Grail” of energy medicine has been achieved.

Ever since his early beginnings as an energy medicine researcher and developer, Peter Archer has had a vision. A total healing of all "issues", a complete transformation of body, mind, and soul. Firstly for himself, and also for those others who are ready for it, and who desire it. The day of the fulfilment of the vision nd dream has finally arrived, with the turning of the year to 2018.

This would not have been possible until now, as the level of the mass consciousness did not support this.

The result of this 25 years intensive research is a fairly small set of essences which embody the energy of all that past work, and take it all to a new level, never before achieved, as far as is known.

Listed below are the individual essences that comprise this extraordinarily powerful little essence set.

Original Wounding Healing     White and Pink Cosmos
White and Pink Cosmos, the essence for healing the original core wounding. Click for details We all have, hidden deep in the centre of our psyche, an "original wounding", which is the core trauma which is the main driver of all of our dysfunction. In most indigenous cultures, there is some kind of healing ritual for healing this core wounding, often in the form of a shamanic "soul retrieval" ritual. When this wounding took place, part of our psyche split off to form what Carl Jung called our "shadow", an unhealed fragment that disrupts our life. This essence is for healing that unhealed original wound, and the split-off shadow, and for use in integrating the shadow back into our psyche.

Inner Child Wounding Healing     Sunflower
Sunflower, the essence for healing inner child wounding. Click for details Hidden deep within our innermost psyche, we each have an "inner child" that was grievously wounded, and whose unhealed state creates ongoing havoc in our lives. We actually have a whole "family" of inner children of various ages, most of whom are carrying unhealed trauma of deep wounding. This essence is for help with the healing of that innermost wounding.

Divine Alchemy     Ohinemuri Apple
Ohinemuri Apple, the essence of the Penetrating Divine Illumination. Click for details This is an extraordinary essence, representing the ultimate level of healing, which this project has been working towards for over 25 years. Known to the ancient Chinese Sages as the "Penetrating Divine Illumination", at this level of healing no specific technique is needed, it just happens spontaneously, and all the yin, yang, and Qi energies just automatically rearrange themselves into perfect balance and alignment. "Consciousness transformed, into a manifestation of its own inherent perfection".

Ho'Oponopone Prayer     Niagra Grape
Niagra Grape, the Ho'Oponoponeo Prayer essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, the Ho'Oponopono Prayer, that is used by thousands of people all over the world. In its abbreviated form, it says.... "I'm sorry. Forgive me. I love you". Those simple words have enormous power, amplified by the conscious intent of all the thousands of people who say them daily. Those words have power, the power to heal, and this essence manifests that healing power. Repeat these words often, as a mantra, to more fully unleash their healing power.

White Gold Healing     Aquilegia viridflora
Aquilegia viridflora, the White Gold essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of the mysterious and mythical "White Gold", which is a major theme in the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the "Unbeliever", as told in the novels by Stephen Donaldson. Because, in "The Land", where Covenant has been magically transported to, white gold does not exist, other than in the imagination of humans, but, there exists the paradox of Covenant having a ring of "white gold" on his finger (his wedding ring), this gives him magical powers. But, he has no idea of how to use those powers, and this is the major theme of the stories, Covenant's search for knowledge of how to use the powers of White Gold. The 25-year search for the powers that these essences carry is a parallel story to this, a long and arduous search, which has now been fulfilled, with the manifestation of these Quantum Healing Essences.

Double Bind Resolution     Green and Red Basil
Green and Red Basil, healing of double binds. Click for details This essence is for healing and resolving of "double binds". Double binds are conditions in the psyche, which originate from past events where the person has been confronted with a situation of being required to make a choice, when both of the potential courses of action are unacceptable in some manner. This is also sometimes referred to as the "Catch 22" syndrome. Double binds were discovered by a team led by the anthropologist-psychologist Gregory Bateson, at the University of California, working to find a psychological reason for schizophrenia. They also found that double binds exist in many people, not only in schizophrenics, and they often are hidden. My own experience of these is that they are very common, almost everybody has them, as a legacy from the past, where, as children, they were confronted with unresolvable problems. Not being able to be resolved, they then go underground, buried in the psyche, but can resurface years later as part of a complex web of mental dysfunction.

Pain Grid     Pink and White Naked Ladies
Naked Ladies, the pain grid essence. Click for details The human body has a number of energetic grids that are part of the energy body, and one of those grids is the "pain grid". This grid is often referred to as the "pain body", as described by the spiritual teacher Eckharte Tolle. The pain grid is made up of a kind of energy that has accumulated from the experiencing of trauma, over the whole lifetime of the person. It's like the pain grid is the repository of all of the past trauma that the person has experienced. If a person is ever to be totally free of their past, this grid needs to have its energy released, and this essence is for helping with that process. This process needs to be done gradually, in tandem with other healing work, including the releasing of old patterns from the subconscious mind.

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Alongside the above "Quantum" essences, we have our new "Alchemy" essences, which address important issues, and are designed to work with the Quantum essences....

Meme Creation     Red Canna Lily
Red Canna Lily, the meme creation essence. Click for details Red canna lily, the meme creation essence. We are using the original meaning of the word "meme", ie "virus of the mind", not the more limited meaning of a graphical message shared on social media. Memes are part of the glue that creates the reality that we experience. Memes are energetic constructs, that exist in the body-mind, and which are created by powerful thought processes, including both trauma and creativity. They are an important part of the fundamental way in which our humanness interfaces with our mental and physical reality.

Ancestral Total Healing     Baby Ponga
Baby Ponga, the ancestral healing essence. Click for details Along with our physical DNA, we also inherit what could be called a form of "psychic DNA" from our ancestral line. This can cause various disorders and symptoms to manifest in our mind and our body. This essence, a baby ponga tree essence (a New Zealand native, often pronounced as if the "o" was a "u"), is for help with the healing of that ancestral psychic inheritance.

Karmic Total Healing     Yellow and Brown Pansy
Yellow and Brown Pansy, the karmic healing essence. Click for details As well as our inheritance from our ancestors, we also inherit a large amount of unfinished business from our past lives. This is in the form of unbalanced emotional energies, in regard to traumas, challenges, and "issues" that we did not manage to fully resolve in those lifetimes. This karmic energy has a very big influence on our life course, and it sets the basic scene for our present life. This essence is for helping to balance and heal all of that.

Cellular Memory and Patterning     Big Bush
Big Bush, the essnce for healing cellular memory. Click for details An essence made from a large bush, both the white flowers and the berries. This is an essence for healing the cellular memory, ie. the energetic imprint of trauma and dysfunction that is imprinted and embedded into the cells of the human body, mainly into the mitochondria of the cells. This energetic pattern can be universal, throughout the whole body, and it can also sometimes be localised in various specific organs or zones of body tissues, depending on the nature of the trauma that was the originating cause.

Gut Health     Corylopsis glabrescens Tree
Corylopsis glabrescens, the gut health essence. Click for details Corylopsis glabrescens, the gut health Master Healer essence. Our gut, and specifically the cells that line both our small and large intestines, is a vital part of our body, fulfilling many functions. Our gut lining is closely associated with our microbiome, the population of "helper" micro-organisms that resides in our gut, and performs many vital functions, including being an essential part of our immune system, and also working closely with our brain. Recent research has shown a close connection between gut dysfunction and various neurological diseases. It is almost like our gut is a second "brain". This essence is for helping to heal dysfunctions in that delicate system.

Mitochondria Health and Balance     Kikuyu Grass
Kikuyu Grass, the essence for mitochondria health and balance. Click for details Kukuyu Grass. The mitochondria Master Healing essence. Every cell in our body has a large number of mitochondria in the cell, that are the "engine" of the cell. Not only do the mitochondria produce energy to power the cell, via the manufacture of ATP, they also are involved in many of the cell vital functions. The mitochondria even have their own DNA, inherited solely from the mother, which is just as important as the main DNA in the cell nucleus. If enough mitochondria in our cells become dysfunctional, we will become very ill, and most likely die. This essence is for helping to heal our damaged mitochondria.

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