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Our "best in thew world" extraordinary skincare products

These skincare products are like none others. These are the "real deal", genuinely the very best, better than many others that cost a lot more. Totally 100 percent natural ingredients, no chemicals, and no alcohol.

Many skincare products can make that claim, 100% natural, but, how well do they work? These ones are extraordinary, as they leverage off the uniqiue "dual qualified" skills and knowledge of Peter Archer, who has 25 years experience in developing the most advanced flower essences in the world, and also has a high-level professional diploma in aromatherapy and 12 years experience of working professionally with essential oils

We have been developing these skincare products for ten years, using them ourselves, and supplying them to a small group pf private clients. It is now time to make them available to the world, because they are (literally) "the best". At this stage, we are offering two kinds of skincare products. We have two kinds of spray-bottle skin toners, one for day use and one for "night repair" use. And, two kinds of skin cream, one for "everyday" use and one for "night repair". See the individual product pages for full details.

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Rose, one of the hydrosol ingredients. Click for details Everyday Skin Toner Spray     A unique blend of hydrosols
This is an extraordinary skincare product which we have been trialing for about 12 years. There is nothing else on the market like this toner. Made from a unique blend of 100 percent pure aromatherapy hydrosols of the very highest quality, two of which we distill ourselves. As both a toner for women, and an aftershave-toner for men, you can feel this toner penetrating into the pores of your skin and doing its extraordinary work. No alcohol (which dries out the skin), and no chemical additives: just pure hydrosols of the highest quality.

Roman chamomile, one of the ingredients. Click for full details Night Repair Skin Toner Spray     Another unique hydrosol blend
Similar to the above day toner, but with a different recipe, designed as a heavy-duty skin toner for "rest and repair". Totally natural recipe, zero chemical additives, and no alcohol (alcohol dries out the skin). The ingredients are pure hydrosols, the water component of the distillation of essential oils, which are very powerful therapeutic products in their own right. Hydrosols are also inherently self-preserving, they have a self life of years, so adding synthetic preservative is not needed.

Fragonia essential oil. Click for details of the skin cream Day Cream     Skincream for everyday use
An extraordinary skin cream, that nourishes and heals the skin all day long. A unique blend of top quality essential oils, with our unique skincare flower essences, in a cream base of hemp seed, avocado and moringa oils, and pure hydrosols. 12 years being trialed and perfected by us. Includes CO2 extracted rosehip oil, CO2 extracted calendula oil, Roman chamomile oil, carrot seed oil, myrrh oil, cedarwood, lavender, Fragonia (TM), palmarosa, and patchouli essential oils. In an extraordinar cream base, that has powerful healing properties of its own. Supported by a blend of our unique skincare flower essences.

Night Cream     Skin cream for night-time repair and rejuvenation
Chamomile, both Romand and German are in this product. Click for details Another unique and very powerful skincare product. A slightly stronger base cream, that has powerful healing properties in its own right. Extra powerful essential oils, including cobaiba oil, German chamomile, Roman chamomile, kunzea, carrot root, myrrh, cedarwood, palmarosa essential oils, plus Co2 extracted oils of rosehip and calendula. Most base creams used in skincare are really basic blends of cheap vegetable oils and plain water. Our base cream is made from avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and moringa oil, plus some powerful hydrosols, giving our base cream powerful healing properties. We then add all the essential oils listed above, to create a uniquely powerful symphony of skin healing.

There are thousands of brands of skincare products, many of them claiming to be "the best". The products on this page are different to all those others, and these really ARE "the best", end of story.

With a unique combination of four kinds of powerful ingredients, (pure hydrosols, base cream that has its own healing properties, the very finest and most powerful essential oils, and our own unique skincare flower essences), nothing else comes anywhere near these skincare products. Try them for yourself, and be amazed.

If you have any questions about these products, or would like to discuss them with us for any reason, please us.

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