Magnolia stellata - for bringing out a person's inner beauty

Flower Essences for Skin Care

Our specialist flower essences for use in skin healing and skincare

The flower essences on this page comprise a small set of specialist essences for “skin care” type applications. They can be used on their own, mixed with other essences, or combined with other ingredients like essential oils or herbs into blended skin-care products.

These essences work at the energetic level, supporting the cells and tissues of the skin in their efficient working. The can be used topically on the skin, or they can (like all flower essences) be taken internally, either individually or combined in blends.

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Multiple Flowers, the healthy skin balance essence. Click for a large picture Healthy Skin Balance     Multiple Flowers
An essence for assisting the skin to have a healthy balance between its many multiple layers and its many functions, all working in harmony with each other, and for the overall health and balance of the body. It is important that the skin, being the body's largest organ, is in a condition of optimum balance and health.

Hemp Palm essence, for damaged skin. Click for a large picture Healing Damaged Skin     Hemp Palm
A tree essence for helping damaged skin to heal. For all types of damage, including rough skin, wounds, punctures, etc. The picture of this tree, with a large piece of the bark hanging off, and with the bark being really rough and hairy, carries the energy of this essence really well.

Stokes Pink Cornus, for a healthy supply of skin nutrients. Click for a large picture Healthy Skin Nutrient Supply     Cornus florida “Stokes Pink”
A flower essence that assists the body in the healthy maintenance of the blood vessels (ie. the capillaries) and the lymphatic vessels that supply the skin with nutrients and drain the waste products from the skin. In order to have really healthy skin, it is vital that these capillaries, and small lymphatic vessels, be in optimum condition.

Inner Beauty     Magnolia stellata, behind tree
Magnolia stellata, for bringing out the inner beauty. Click for a large picture A flower essence for helping to allow a person's “inner beauty” to shine forth from the inside to the outside, to be seen in the physical body. Just as this beautiful bush was hiding behind a tree, unnoticed by most people who walked past, so too do many people hide their “true beauty” away from sight. This essence is for helping such people to make the shift in consciousness that is needed for them to allow their hidden beauty to manifest itself into their body and be seen by the world.

Peltiphyllum peltatum, for help with skin hydration. Click for a large picture Skin Hydration     Peltiphyllum peltatum
A flower essence for helping the skin to have a healthy hydration balance. For various reasons, the skin sometimes becomes dried out, lacking in water, which affects the health of the skin. This essence is for helping the body to resolve the issues that are causing the skin dehydration to happen. This plant likes to grow close to water, as this one is.

Anna Maria de Montravel rose, for help with sebum balance. Click for a large picture Sebum Balance     Anna Maria de Montravel Rose
A flower essence for helping the skin to maintain a healthy balance in the sebum, which is the oil of the skin. In order for the skin to be not too oily or not too dry, the sebum has to be in a state of health and balance, and this essences helps in this.

Pink Magnolia and Red Azalea, for relief from burned and over-heated skin. Click for a large picture Cooling Over-heated skin     Pink Magnolia and Red Azalea
A flower essence for helping the skin to recover from a state of being over-exposed to heat and drying out. The cause of this can be sunburn or windburn, and drying out from the effects of this. The light-colored magnolia in front of the dark red azalea symbolizes the effect of a light, cold-colored energy bringing relief to the hot red energy of the azalea.

Canary Date Palm essence, help for aged skin. Click for a large picture Aged Skin     Canary Date Palm
A tree essence for helping “aged” skin to remain healthy, and to regain some of the attributes of younger skin. Old skin sometimes becomes stiff, thick, or lumpy, just like the bark of this tree is thick and lumpy. This essence is for helping this type of skin to be healthy, despite its age.

Prarienacht Monarda essence, help with skin aging issues. Click for a large picture Skin Aging Issues     Prarienacht Monarda
This variety of monarda flower essence is for helping a person deal with the various issues associated with their skin becoming “aged”. As one grows older, various issues arise that are associated with the aging process, among them being the gradual aging of the skin, and with one's physical features. This essence is for helping the person to resolve these issues.

“Natural Botox”     Cornus florida “Cloud Nine”
Cloud Nine Cornus flower essence, the "natural botox" essence. Click for a large picture A flower essence for helping the skin, and the underlying tissues below the skin, to be in a healthy state and looking good, without the need for the type of “artificial enhancement” that is typified by the use of botox treatment. “Natural is almost always best”, and treatments like botox often eventually create more problems than they solve. This essence is for helping the body tissues to be in their optimum state without the perceived need for artificial enhancement.

Magnolia stellata, the skin cellular essence. Click for a large picture The Skin Cellular Essence     Magnolia stellata
A flower essence for helping the cells of the skin to maintain a healthy balance in all the many complex biochemical and electromagnetic interactions that they continuously perform. A cell is an enormously complex mechanism, and the cells of the skin are no exception. This essence helps the skin cells to maintain optimum harmony and balance.

Violet Flower, the skin essence. Click for a large picture The Skin Essence     Violet Flower (name unknown)
A flower essence for helping the skin, in an overall, holistic way. Unlike the other skin assistance essences, this essence is a more “generalist” essence, rather than a specialist essence, for helping the skin to maintain a healthy range of functions and balance in a general way.

The above remedies are all flower essences, that work entirely at the energetic level, with no biochemically active properties. However, they work really well when combined in blended products with high-quality essential oils, and for this to work at optimum efficiency, we have a small range of specialist flower essences that enhance the interaction of the essential oils with the flower essences. See this page for details of these specialist essences.

The above skin-care essences can be used individually, or in combinations with each other, or with other essences. They can also be combined into various kinds of natural skin-care products, with other ingredients, like essential oils or herbs. These essences are supplied in our usual 10ml size (approx. one third of an American fluid ounce) brown glass bottles, with squeeze type glass droppers, at “stock strength”.

However, if you are a practitioner or a manufacturer of skin-care type products, we are also able to supply these essences (and any of our other essences also) in a range of large bottle sizes, up to one litre and beyond. If you are interested in this, please us to discuss the details, and for our advice on which of the essences would best suit your application, and for a quote on the larger size bottles.

To order any of the above essences, or to discuss any aspect of them with us, please us.

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