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Pink Camellia

Pink Camellia

Product Information
Real womanhood and femininity

This beautiful, delicate pink camellia, the first camellia of spring in our area, is the essence for evoking the quintessimal energy of real womanhood and real femininity.

This represents the real thing, pristine and delicate, innocent and yet very wise.

Clean and fresh and pure, as femininity was in its original state, before it was contaminated, abused, and overlain with all of the myriad distortions and corruptions that many millennia of this “civilization” has brought about; so that today all women are contaminated with the corruption and dysfunction of distorted sexuality and negative emotional energy.

This essence is for helping womanhood to wipe away all that crap, and to again emerge pristine and pure.

Supplied as stock strength in a brown 10-ml dropper bottle.  More info

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