Marguerite Daisy flower essence - the equivalent of homeopathic arnica.  Click to go straight to a large photograph for an on-line energy healing from this flower essence.

Arnica Equivalent

A New Millennium “Super-Essence”

Arnica is probably the most widely-used of all the homeopathic remedies. It is specific for all types of shock, trauma, etc, and is successfully used for this by millions of people. This Super-Essence provides us with a flower-essence equivalent to homeopathic arnica.

Note that this Super-Essence is not a “homeopathic remedy”.  It is a flower essence product, and, like all flower essences, it has a more subtle, “higher frequency” vibration than a homoeopathic remedy.

Summarised below are the individual component essences that make up this Super- Essence. For more detailed information about each individual essence, including a link to a large photo of each one for “on-line healing” purposes, click on the name of the essence or the photograph......

Important Note: In no way is this form of energy therapy a substitute for the appropriate medical treatment. Anyone who suffers an acute physical trauma is advised to seek the appropriate help at the appropriate emergency room or medical center.

Marguerite Daisy - the arnica of flower essences.  Click to see details. Marguerite Daisy
The flower essence equivalent of homeopathic Arnica. For shock, sprains, bleeding, body trauma, emotional trauma; and for bruising, both physical and emotional type bruising.

Typhoon Rose flower essence, processing the energy of trauma in the body.  Click to see details. Typhoon Rose    For the treatment of shock of all types, from all causes. The experiencing of a trauma that leaves us in a “state of shock” results in our body energy going into a state of hyper-activity. This essence helps the body to deal with this and accelerates the process of returning to normality.

Potato Vine, the flower essence for support when feeling unsupported.  Click to see details. Potato Vine
The hand behind the back..... giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. This flower essence works at both the physical and mental levels. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”

White Aster flower essence, the energy balancing essence. Click to see details. White Aster
An energy balancer.
Balances energy on all levels.


“My body processes and integrates this experience, and moves on into a state of balance and harmony.”

This Super-Essence is Included in these Super-Essence Sets:

Acute Trauma Mini-Set

By combining together the energies of the above four individual essences into one “Super-Essence”, we create a powerful synergy of healing energies that covers all aspects of providing the equivalent affects that homoeopathic arnica has on the human body.

The Marguerite Daisy essence provides the healing energies that cover the main issue, and each of the other essences supports this by contributing energies that deal with related issues.

For example, the Typhoon Rose Essence, being the essence that processes the energy of shock in the body, adds in to this Arnica Equivalent Super-Essence, healing energies that help the body to deal with the energetic affect generated by shock.

Note:  A “Super-Essence”, such as this one described above, is made up of a combination of several individual flower essences and/or gem, stone, shell or sea essences.  By combining together the power of several essences in this way, a very powerful energetic synergy is created.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, in that a Super-Essence is much more than just a mixture of its individual parts.  For detailed information about what Super-Essences are, and how they are made, click here.

NOTE: Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or medical treatment. This system of energy healing has not been evaluated, tested, or approved by any medical regulatory authority. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek help from the appropriate health-care professional.

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