Violet Lavender flower essence - Waking up to spiritual energies.

A New Millennium “Super Essence”

Most of humanity is so engrossed in the day-to-day drama of living, like the proverbial pet mice on the wheel, that they cannot step back and see the illusion of the endless chase after “happiness” through the accumulation of material things, and the looking outside of the self for self-fulfilment.

However, the awakening, at any moment, for everyone..... is only one step away.

Awakening Essence flower essence - Waking up to Who We Truly are.   Click for complete details Principle Essence:

Awakening Essence

To help people in their awakening process.

Made from the buds of the flower, symbolising butterfly chrysalises - people sitting waiting patiently in their non-memory. Time is coming for these people to stir and open up to Who They Truly Are...... an expression of God.

Supporting Essences:

Violet Lavender flower essence - Connecting with our spiritual energy.   Click for complete details Violet Lavender

Helps people assimilate spiritual energy.

For people who are rooted in third-dimensional reality.

Yellow Creeper flower essence - Awakening the Light Beings to their journey Home.    Click for complete details Yellow Creeper

To help awaken the Light Beings
to their journey home, to full realisation.

Ordinary Man

The “Ordinary Man Factor”.

To provide energies to help “Joe Bloggs”, ie. the “ordinary man”...... who would not “normally” be interested in such things, to gain benefit from things like essence treatment.

This Super Essence is included in these Super-Essence Sets:



“I am following my path wherever it leads me and I rejoice in my growing awareness.”

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