Gazania flower essence - leaping free of all blockages.

A New Millennium “Super Essence”

The path is there, in front of us.....

But.... the path is blocked.

At least, this is the way it seems.

Maybe it's time to just go ahead anyway.... and maybe we will find that most of the “blockages” were really just phantoms, phantoms of the mind, not real. And, even for those ones that are “real”, we find that there is a path around, or over.....

Principle Essence:

Tenacity Flower Essence - Moving through that sense of repeated failure.   Click for complete details Tenacity Essence

A tenacity flower essence.  When a person feels like they are losing their grip on life, feeling like withdrawing from life.

To move a person through their repeated sense of failure in life - get back on the horse (the horse is being dragged - not walking.) Made from the flowers of some little bushes that just would not “give up”, as they had been pulled out of the garden several times, but they just kept coming back!

Supporting Essences:

Gazania flower essence - jumping free of old patterns.  Click for complete details Gazania

“The Dancing Gazelle”.
Lifts the spirits and frees the heart to dance
lightly, like the gazelle.... prancing and jumping.

To be able to prance, jump and land again. Frees one from the feeling of feeling like being stuck in tar, not being free to dance. Unable to leap free of the beliefs of the past (mental). Even when one jumps, one lands in the tar again, and this essence frees one from this.

Second chance sea essence.  Click for complete details Second Chance

It saw it while walking and talking..... and did not pick it up.

I had my “second chance” on the return journey.

And, so it is with all so-called “missed opportunities”, there is always a “second chance”, always another opportunity. Often, the second chance comes in a different form than the first, but, come to us it always does.  Always.

Olearia flower essence - mind spinning in circles.   Click for complete details Olearia

When one has been caught up in an aberration of thought, mental processes overworked.

To streamline the thought process. Mental body, mental level -
to find the forward path.

This Super Essence is included in these Super-Essence Sets:

     Practitioner’s Set

     Healing the Past Set


“My path stretches open before me, only needing to take one step at a time.”

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