Parsley flower essence  - the body balance essence. Click to go straight to a large photograph for an on-line energy healing from this flower essence

Body Balance

A New Millennium “Super-Essence”

Balance, harmony, and peace. For us, is this an illusion? It often seems this way, when we are rushing around, re-acting to all of the perceived drama around us.

Maybe it's time to just step back from the "drama", and just let our higher wisdom join with the inherent wisdom built into our bodies, and allow our bodies to re-balance and harmonize. To come into a state of harmony and balance within themselves, and with all of the myriad things that appear to be happening around us.

Summarised below are the individual component essences that make up this Super- Essence. For more detailed information about each individual essence, including a link to a large photo of each one for “on-line healing” purposes, click on the name of the essence or the photograph......

Parsley flower essence, stimulating the free flow of new ideas. Click to see details. Parsley
Stimulates the free flow of new ideas, regeneration energy. Works at the mental level. A mindset..... not cultural or behavioural, nor a belief system. Allows one's thought processes to accept new ideas, including guidance from the inner realms. People who close their minds to inspirational alternatives in order to maintain their conservative, mainstream attitude.

Pounamu gem essence, lifting old energy closer to the surface. Click to see details Pounamu
A gem essence made from Pounamu (Greenstone), the sacred healing stone of Aotearoa New Zealand. Works on all the chakras. Lifts old energy closer to the surface. Aligns people with the earth and with divine energy (ie. the stars).

Potato Vine, the flower essence for support when feeling unsupported. Click to see details Potato Vine
The hand behind the back..... giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. This flower essence works at both the physical and mental levels. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”

Nasturtium flower essence - stimulating stagnant energy into movement. Click to see details Nasturtium
A good all-rounder. All levels (p.e.m.s.). Stimulates stagnant energy into movement, and allows one to “wake up and live a new day.” For people who are feeling as if their energy is ebbing (on one or more p.e.m.s. levels). NOTE:  p.e.m.s. is an abbreviation for “physical, emotional, mental, spiritual”.


“Life is a celebration and I open my heart to joy.”

This Super-Essence is Included in these Super-Essence Sets:

Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set

Practitioner's Set

Physical Body Healing Set

By combining together the energies of the above four individual essences into one “Super-Essence”, we create a powerful synergy of healing energies that covers all aspects of the issue of body balance.

The Parsley essence covers the main issue, and each of the other essences supports this by contributing energies that deal with related issues. For example, the Potato Vine, being the essence of support on all levels, adds in to this Body Balance Super-Essence, healing energies that cover this issue of supporting the person on all levels, ie. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Note:  A “Super-Essence”, such as this one described above, is made up of a combination of several individual flower essences and/or gem, stone, shell or sea essences.  By combining together the power of several essences in this way, a very powerful energetic synergy is created.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, in that a Super-Essence is much more than just a mixture of its individual parts.  For detailed information about what Super-Essences are, and how they are made, click here.

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