Red Salvia flower essence - Anchoring the spirit into the body

“Body Connectedness”
  A New Millennium “Super Essence”

There are times when, the easiest answer seems to be..... just “get outta here!” Leave this body, and float off to some other place.

Well..... eventually, we have to return, and maybe, when we do come back, we discover that “Well.... it's not such a bad place to be, after all!”

Red Salvia flower essence - keeping both feet firmly on the ground. Click for complete details Principle Essence:

Salvia - Red

To help anchor a firm foundation for the
shift into the New Millennium.

Anchors a person's spirit into the base chakra,
and encourages one to have both feet
on the ground, rather than jumping out of one's body.

Supporting Essences:

White Climbing Rose flower essence - .  Click for complete details Climbing Rose - White

To ease the spirit into the body.
People with autism, cerebral pausey,
rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

The spirit does not fit into the body,
largely a physical process.
This flower essence helps clearing on a karmic level.
For these people, it is like an energy process.

“Back into Body” Rescue Essence

An essence from the Rescue Set
of the New Millennium essences.....

To help bring a person back into their body
when they have jumped out.

(Apologies for the lack of a photograph or a page on this essence.)

Bush Lawyer flower essence - For people who space out. Click for complete details Bush Lawyer

For people who tend to “space out”, in a similar way to users of marijuana, tending to float out of their body.

This Super Essence is included in these Practitioner’s Sets:

      Practitioner's Set

      Legacy of War Set


     “I am now very comfortable and “at home”in my body.”

NOTE: Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or medical treatment.
This system of energy healing has not been evaluated, tested, or approved by any medical regulatory authority. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek help from the appropriate health-care professional.

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