The Children's Essences Set Bottles

Children’s Flower Essences Set

Our mini-set of seven Super-Essences for children......

Crystal Silver Lobelia, the Indigo Children essence. Click to see details. Children’s Issues    To bring integration and balance to the Indigo Children who are having difficulty aligning with their Star Purpose, and reconciling this with their everyday experience here in our society..... This will express itself in children who are feeling lost, confused, and a long way from home. (eg. experiencing ADHD, substance addiction, etc, but not just for these children.)
This Super-Essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Set.

Elegans Supreme Camellia, the children's emotional mirroring essence.  Click to see details. Children’s Emotional Mirroring    To help children in the processing of the emotional energy that they pick up and mirror back to adults, especially to adult authority figures that are close to them, for example parents and teachers.

Pink Lavatera, the Family Relationships essence.  Click to see details. Family Relationships    Restoration of harmony within
family relationships. “They may come from the same pod.....
but they are not the same pea”. To accept (and celebrate) the differences, and allow other family members to be who they are.
This Super-Essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Set.

Blackberry, the grandmother nurturing essence. Click to see details. Grandmother Nurturing
The traditional grandmother who filled the role of nurturer and who loved us unconditionally is, sadly, missing from most people's lives in our modern culture. The absence of this grandmother energy has left a large energetic gap in our psyche.
This Super-Essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Expanded Set.

Pink Verbena, the nurturing essence.  Click to see details. Nurturing    Nurtures us when we have been wounded in our heart. The energy of Lady Nada, the pink lady.  Gives the strength to open up to healing.   Everyone needs nurturing, and most of us have missed out on this basic human need.
This Super-Essence is also supplied as part of the Practitioner's Set, and the Addiction Set.

Pohue, the flower essence to repair schooling trauma.  Click to see details. Schooling Trauma Repair    For repairing the energetic damage (including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) that is done to children by the schooling system.

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence.   Click to see details. White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. Added to every mixture of the New Millennium Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, managing the strength of the healing energies.
This Master Linkage Essence is supplied as standard in all of our Super-Essence Sets.

The above seven Super-Essences are available as our  “Children's Set”.
You can order the essences individually, or purchase them as a complete boxed set.

Because four of the seven are also in the Practitioner's Set, this set can also be supplied as a “top up” set of just the three that are not in the Practitioner's Set, or you may, if you prefer, order any of them as individual bottles.

All of these Super-Essences are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.

For a concise, short, explanation of what a “Super-Essence” is, please refer to this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.   For more detailed in-depth information about “Super-Essences”, please refer to this article.

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