Mahoe flower essence - For honest communication and letting go of agendas.


A New Millennium “Super Essence”


This word has taken on a larger-than-life energy. In our society, we now place great emphasis on “communication skills”, on the importance of “written communication”, and of “verbal communication”. There is now a whole industry that claims to train us in these vital skills.  But.... surely the best “training”, as in most things, is in the practice, the doing of the thing itself. The rolling up of one's sleeves and diving right in.....

Relationship communication stone essence.   Click for complete details Principle Essence:

Relationship Communication

The essence of honest, true, open and free
communication within relationships.

Made with a pure white stone, found by my partner,
and given to me from her, as a gift, at a time when
we really needed this essence in our relationship.

Supporting Essences:

Mahoe flower essence - Unfulfilled expectations.   Click for complete details Mahoe

For unfulfilled dreams and expectations.

Having an idea, and feeling let down, because
the other person would not come to the party.

Brings clarity to the illusion of trying to
cast other people in one’s stage show.

Milkweed flower essence - bringing out the shadow self.   Click for complete details Milkweed

For people who need to reclaim their shadow self.
Afraid of meeting their shadow.

Includes people who are determined to
“be positive” about everything,
to the exclusion of their shadow side.

Pink Pumice sea essence - Grounding the love energy in the heart.   Click for complete details Pink Pumice

Grounds the love energy in the heart.
For people who find it difficult
to stay in their heart centre,
because they mistrust love.

A very gentle energy.....
androgynous (neither male nor female).

This Super Essence is included in these Super-Essence Sets:

      Practitioner’s Set

      Relationship Set


     “I open my heart and release all my fears
       of allowing others to see me as I truly am.”

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