Cream Climbing Rose - the flower essence for the overhaul of our DNA system.  Click to go straight to a large photograph for an on-line energy healing from this flower.

DNA Overhaul and Reprogramming

A New Millennium “Super-Essence”

There is much about DNA that is as yet undiscovered by current mainstream science. As humanity evolves fully into becoming the “New Energy Human” of the New Reality of this new millennium, many changes are needed in the human DNA, and these essences support the body energetically in the undertaking of these changes.

Summarised below are the individual component essences that make up this Super- Essence. For more detailed information about each individual essence, including a large photo of each one for “on-line healing” purposes, click on the name of the essence or the photograph......

Cream Climbing Rose, the flower essence for reactivating our complete DNA system.  Click to go to a large picture. Cream Climbing Rose
The reactivation of our complete DNA system, the twelve strands of magnetic DNA, integrated with the twin strands of physical DNA, configured for the “New Reality” of this New Millennium.

Susan Miller Rose flower essence - reprogramming the DNA blueprint.  Click to go to a large picture. The “Susan Miller” Rose
Reprogramming of the DNA basic blueprint, removing the built-in design for the aging of the human body, and restoring the DNA blueprint to the design of the physically immortal human.

Violet and White Border Plant, the essence for removing mutations from the DNA. Click to go to a large picture. Violet and White Border Plant
Dissolving the “random mutations” from the DNA, and restoring the DNA back to perfect, optimum efficiency. (Using the in-built perfect intelligence of the complete genome.)

Magnetic DNA Weed, reprogramming the magnetic DNA. Click to go to a large picture. Magnetic DNA Weed
Reprogramming the instruction set within the twelve strands of the Magnetic DNA, reconfiguring the instructions for the New Reality (physically immortal) Human of this New Millennium.

Austragold Rose flower essence, for restoring the connection between the DNA and the crystalline structure. Click to go to a large picture. Austragold Rose
Restoring to full functioning, the connection between the magnetic DNA and the energetic crystalline structure that surrounds the DNA, thus allowing the body to fully utilise the information in the DNA.

Moody Dream Rose flower essence, for fully integrating our Divinity into our DNA. Click to go to a large picture. Moody Dream Rose
For help in fully integrating our divinity into our DNA. It is now time, in the “New Reality” of this new millennium, for this to happen.  When this process is not running smoothly, we feel restless and disruptive.

Pascali Rose flower essence, for dissolving old body programming. Click to go to a large picture. Pascali Rose
To assist the body in dissolving “old body programming”. This old programming is holding us in old-energy patterns, and needs to be released for our bodies to fully support us, as we move fully into the New Reality of this new millennium.

Camelot Rose flower essence, for restoring degeneration in the body cells. Click to go to a large picture. Camelot Rose
To assist the body in removing degeneration from the body cells, restoring the cells to optimum efficiency.  The body needed by the “New Energy” human in this new millennium does not deteriorate with time, and does not “grow old”.


“I reprogram my DNA to fully support my new reality as a New Energy human....
  perfect, immortal and divine.”

By combining together the energies of the above eight individual essences into one “Super-Essence”, we create a powerful synergy of healing energies that covers all aspects of the restoring and reconfiguring of the DNA.

Note:  A “Super-Essence”, such as this one described above, is made up of a combination of several individual flower essences and/or gem, stone, shell or sea essences.  By combining together the power of several essences in this way, a very powerful energetic synergy is created.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, in that a Super-Essence is much more than just a mixture of its individual parts.  For detailed information about what Super-Essences are, and how they are made, click here.

NOTE: Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or medical treatment. This system of energy healing has not been evaluated, tested, or approved by any medical regulatory authority. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek help from the appropriate health-care professional.

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