Potato Vine flower essence - Supporting one to carry that heavy load.

“Everyday Challenges”

   A New Millennium “Super Essence”

The proverbial “one-armed paper-hanger”. Attempting to balance all those little dramas that demand our attention and sap our strength. Maybe it's time to just let some of them go? To step back and truly see the wood form the trees.... To just “be”, and to let go the perceived need to be so busy in the “doing”.

Everyday Challenges sea essence - Those hundred and one things.   Click for complete details. Principle Essence:

Everyday Challenges

The hundred and one “little” things.

The straws that are breaking the camel’s back.

None of them of much importance on their own,
but when they all accumulate, it feels like there
is a huge load on our back.

This sea essence is to help one shake free of this
feeling of hopelessness, to come into the
realisation that it is only our perception of the
load being so heavy that is creating the “problem”.

Supporting Essences:

Potato Vine flower essence - Strength and support.   Click for complete details Potato Vine

The hand behind the back.....
giving strength and support when the
road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady.

This flower essence works at both the physical and mental levels.

Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one.

“Relax and let go. Find your still centre.
At peace with the world.”

Strawberry Cactus flower essence - "It's all my fault."    Click for complete details Strawberry Cactus

For guilt and self-blame, when one has been
a victim of some form of abuse or assault,
or has been injured.

(Especially good for women and children).

“It's all my fault.”

Positive: To accept one's part in an experience,
without self-blame.

Parsnip flower essence - Feeling bored and stale.    Click for complete details Parsnip

Feeling bored and in a rut.

When life is feeling stale, this essence brings in
a fresh energy and moves one towards change.

Works at the mental level.

A neutral type of energy, not a big drama issue.

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“I see through the illusion of the hundred-and-one things and step away from the drama, into my place of balance and inner peace.”

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