Italian Lavender, the land balancing essence

Flower Essences for Feng Shui Land Healing

New tools, for cleansing, healing, balancing, and enhancing the energy of the land.

Here is a set of flower essences for assisting in the cleansing, healing, balancing and energetic enhancement of the chi energy of the land, known in the East as Feng Shui, and in the Western tradition as Geomancy.

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Click to go to the Pink and White Magnolia flower essence. Feng Shui Master Essence     Pink and White Magnolia
Provides the “master linkage” energies for Feng Shui and geomancy land healing essence work. Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various energies together, that are supplied by all of the other Feng Shui flower essences. Also acts as a catalyst, to facilitate and enhance the action of all of the essences, and to ensure that all of the essences
work together in harmony and balance.

Quatz and Granite - for healing the trauma of the land. Click to see details. Land Healing    
Healing the land. Healing the legacy that the land carries from past trauma of all types, including the legacy from past uses that humans have inflicted on the land. Also healing the effects on the land of past occupation by people, and healing the scars in the land.

Balancing and Aligning    
Click to go to the Land Balancing super-essence. Balancing and aligning the energy of the land, including the earth's fertility, the atmospheric energy, and the magnetic field. Also balancing the meridians, ley lines, etc, and the effects of underground water and of plants and animals.

Click to go to the Land Restoring super-essence. Restoring the land to a healthy condition. Includes the harmonising of the “as above so below”, the connection between earth and sky, the effect of buildings on the land, the anchoring of the heart energy, and the grounding deeply into Mother Earth.

The above three are all “Super-Essences” in that they are specially-prepared “mini mixes” of individual flower and gem essences, formulated specifically for use in Feng Shui Land Healing. Click on the name or picture of each one for more details.

If you would like to work with these Feng Shui Land Healing essences in the physical form of bottles of essences, they are available from us as a mini-set, or as individual bottles.

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Click here for a set of essences for the Feng Shui energy of houses and buildings.

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