Smoky Quartz gem essence - assisting with grounding a person's energy into the earth


  A New Millennium “Super Essence”

In being in a physical body, on Earth, we need, in order to be
in an optimum state of health and well-being, to be “grounded”.

To be solidly connected to the energy of Mother Earth.

With our energy bodies solidly connected to, in balance with,
and harmonized with, the energy of the earth.

Smoky Quartz gem essence - the essence for grounding. Click for details Principle Essence:

Smoky Quartz

The essence for grounding.

To assist a person to connect their energy
with the energy of the earth.

Supporting Essences:

Red Salvia flower essence - anchoring one into one's body.   Click for complete details Red Salvia

To help anchor a firm foundation for the
shift into the New Millennium.

Anchors a person's spirit into the base chakra,
and encourages one to have both feet on the ground,
rather than jumping out of one's body.

Earth Star Chakra Essence. Earth-Star Chakra Essence

An essence, made from a very solid-feeling stone,
that regulates and balances the energy of our body's
Earth-Star Chakra, which is the chakra that is
located underneath our feet, in the earth.

This Super-Essence is included in these Super-Essence Sets:

      Practitioner’s Set


      “I allow my energy to come into alignment and
        balance with the energy of our Mother Earth.”

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