Spur Valerian flower essence - Letting go of the sense of loss and moving on.

“Letting Go”

A New Millennium “Super Essence”

Let it go..... time to move on.....

Why do we find this so hard, even when it is
obvious that this is what's needed?

We all seem to have such a determination to
hold on to the familiar, even when it is obvious
that the familiar is well past its use-by date.

Spur Valerian flower essence - Taking the healing and wisdom and moving on.   Click for complete details Principle Essence:

Spur Valerian

The sense of loss perceived when a relationship
has ended, and one is still believing the outcome
should have been different.

To help one understand that this relationship was
never going to last, that it was never going to be
anything other than what it was: an opportunity for
healing, and a quantum leap forward in your journey.

Supporting Essences:

One Door Closes

One door closes...... another door opens.

To assist in the necessary letting-go process
when it's time to let go of what “might have been”.

Firmly closing that door, and thus making room
for another door to open, the door into the future.....

Tomato flower essence - Living in the past.    Click for complete details Tomato

Living in the past....

“When I was a lad.”  “RSA” mentality.

Includes attitude passed down to children.

Also for wanting to go back to being a little child,
when life was certain around mummy's skirts.

Olearia flower essence - Smoothing out the mental processes.    Click for complete details Olearia

A flower essence for when one has been caught up in an
aberration of thought, mental processes overworked.

To streamline the thought process.
Mental body, mental level - to find the forward path.

This Super Essence is included in these Super-Essence Sets:

      Practitioner’s Set

      Relationship Set


      “I take the lessons and healing that have been offered
        and move on, with confidence and a joyful heart.”

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