Rock Plant flower essence - The Divine Mother aspect of God.

Male/Female Integration

A New Millennium “Super Essence”

The sacred marriage of our two inner parts.

The bringing together within us of our yin and yang,
our Venus and Mars.

For, as long as these two halves remain at all separated,
for as long as there is conflict and discord between them.....
we can never be truly at peace within ourselves.

And, if we are not at peace inside ourselves, how can we
be at peace with all that is outside?

Plantain flower essence - Nourishing the sacred inner marriage.   Click for complete details Principle Essence:


To nourish the marriage of the inner
male and female.

In people whose marriage has already
well and truly begun.

Supporting Essences:

Rock Plant flower essence - The fragrance of God.   Click for complete details Rock Plant

“The Fragrance of God.”

To awaken one's knowing to the sacredness
of the Divine Mother aspect of God.

The Queen of Queens.

Delicate and strong, pure and loving,
wise and omnipotent.

For people who are serious about their
inner male/female integration.

Ostrich Foot shell essence - Healing gender-based conflict.    Click for complete details Ostrich Foot

To help heal the hurts carried by men and women
since the beginning of time (gender based).

Men hurting women, and women hurting men.

The pain of words that pierce the body like small arrows,
leaving the fabric of humanity scarred and afraid.

Twins Reunited

The long-separated twins are reunited at last.

Includes the inner male and female aspects,
the parent-child, the lovers; any two energies
that have been experiencing Separation,
are now united in Unity.

This Super Essence is included in these Practitioner’s Sets:

     Practitioner’s Set


      “I call upon my Christ Within to facilitate the sacred
        inner marriage of my male and female separated parts.”

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