Canadian Fleabane - the flower essence for resolving grief and mourning. Click to go straight to a large photograph for an on-line energy healing from this flower.

Mourning and Grieving

A New Millennium “Super-Essence”

The experience of losing something or someone dear to us is something that we all experience many times. The sense of loss, that “it will never be the same”. And, for any loss, we have a need to go through a process of grieving. However, the grieving process is not meant to last for ever. The whole point of grieving is to move through the process, and to come out the other side: stronger, healthier, and wiser .

Summarised below are the individual component essences that make up this Super- Essence. For more detailed information about each individual essence, including a link to a large photo of each one for “on-line healing” purposes, click on the name of the essence or the photograph......

Canadian Fleabane, the essence putting away the black clothes. Click to see details. Canadian Fleabane
Feeling empty. Laughter has gone out of one’s life. To bring back the laughter - feeling jolly again. A grief essence - bereavement, some time ago. It's time to put the black clothes away and move back into life (going over time). “To help the transition back into the world,  when the mourning period is over.”

Clematis montana, the flower essence for loss of family issues. Click to see details. Clematis montana
Loss of family. Loss of the feeling of family. For people who have lost both parents through death, or have left them behind and moved to another country. Also for children who have been adopted (including adults).

Pink Lavatera, the essence for restoring harmony in family relationships. Click to see details. Pink Lavatera
To help with the restoration of harmony within family relationships. To accept the differences, and allow the other family members to be who they are. Includes mothers letting go of their children, anyone in a mothering role to another person. (The child still energetically attached to the mother via the navel cord). Includes adopted children.

Coriander flower essence, for bringing back the sweetness after a loss.  Click to see details. Coriander
To bring the sweetness back into life. When there has been a broken heart. Can be the loss of any of these..... a partner, parent, pet, limb, one’s virginity, or a burglary.


“I bless all that has happened, and I now move on with confidence and hope, and with joy in my heart.”

“I welcome sweetness and joy back into my life and give thanks for the wisdom gained from the experience.”

This Super-Essence is Included in these Super-Essence Sets:

Practitioner's Set

Relationship Set

By combining together the energies of the above four individual essences into one “Super-Essence”, we create a powerful synergy of healing energies that covers all aspects of the issue of mourning and grieving.

The Canadian Fleabane essence covers the main issue, and each of the other essences supports this by contributing energies that deal with related issues. For example, the Clematis montana, being the essence for loss of family, adds in to this Mourning and Grieving Super-Essence, healing energies that cover this issue of healing the legacy of loss of family.

Note:  A “Super-Essence”, such as this one described above, is made up of a combination of several individual flower essences and/or gem, stone, shell or sea essences.  By combining together the power of several essences in this way, a very powerful energetic synergy is created.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, in that a Super-Essence is much more than just a mixture of its individual parts.  For detailed information about what Super-Essences are, and how they are made, click here.

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