Red Flowering Gum - the flower essence of releasing past trauma. Click to go to a large photograph for an on-line energy healing from this flower

Past Trauma

A New Millennium “Super-Essence”

Resolving and letting go of the past, this is at the heart of all healing. That emotional baggage that we all carry around with us is a heavy burden. Isn't it about time that you lightened your load and released some of it?

Summarised below are the individual component essences that make up this Super- Essence. For more detailed information about each individual essence, including a link to a large photo of each one for “on-line healing” purposes, click on the name of the essence or the photograph......

Red Flowering Gum, the flower essence for releasing the past. Click to see details Red Flowering Gum
Full flowering, against all odds. Takes one into the fullness of recovery, on from the feeling of..... “Things will never be the same again”.

Pink Cyclamen, the hard to shift stuff essence. Click to see details Pink Cyclamen
Releasing deeply embedded, hard to shift stuff.  Small of back,
2nd and 3rd chakra stuff. Helps heal the Dr Bach Willow aspect, ie. resentment, bitterness, “poor me”. To assist with the heavy spadework required for healing.

Indigo Spires Salvia flower essence. Click to see details Salvia - Indigo Spires
To create a fertile consciousness for creativity to be birthed. For people who have blocked their creativity and lost touch with life. For people who are experiencing depression, and for people who have low self-esteem.

Statice flower essence. "Every cloud has a silver lining". Click to see details Statice
Tiny delicate flowers, violet flowers, with white flowers emerging from the bunch. The white flowers symbolise the “silver lining” of every dark cloud. The good that comes from the opportunity for growth and learning from the past trauma. “Miracles happen, in Heaven and on earth.”


“I open to the future and trust that I am appropriately guided.”

This Super-Essence is Included in these Super-Essence Sets:

Practitioner's Set

Healing the Past Set

By combining together the energies of the above four individual essences into one “Super-Essence”, we create a powerful synergy of healing energies that covers all aspects of the issue of healing past trauma.

The Red Flowering Gum essence covers the main issue of moving on from the past trauma, and each of the other essences supports this by contributing energies that deal with related issues. For example, the Violet and White Statice, being the essence of seeing the silver lining in the dark cloud, adds in to this Past Trauma Super-Essence, healing energies that cover this issue of our being able to see the opportunities for growth and learning.

Note:  A “Super-Essence”, such as this one described above, is made up of a combination of several individual flower essences and/or gem, stone, shell or sea essences.  By combining together the power of several essences in this way, a very powerful energetic synergy is created.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, in that a Super-Essence is much more than just a mixture of its individual parts.  For detailed information about what Super-Essences are, and how they are made, click here.

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