Crassula flower essence - Jumping out of one's body, because of past abuse.

Recovery - Child Abuse

A New Millennium “Super Essence”

“Child abuse.”

The very words send a shudder up our spines.
The one form of trauma that seems just impossible to fully recover from. Yet, for us to live full, rewarding, happy, healthy lives as adults, we just have to find a way to deal with this. It has to be faced up to, sooner or later...... And, once we find the courage to deal with it, eventually, it can be healed. Healed for all time, leaving us truly transformed.

Cosmos flower essence - Restoring that delicate balance that has been lost.   Click for complete details Principle Essence:


For victims of childhood abuse.

To restore the delicate balance one has lost,
where the care-giver came from hate instead of love.

Includes people who are mentally disadvantaged:
schizophrenic, bipolar personality, etc.

Always from a past-life cause, as to why one is
having this experience - always to work with the
“abuser within”.

Supporting Essences:

Gorse flower essence - The nurturing parent energy for the child who grew up in the emotional wasteland.   Click for complete details Gorse

For non-acceptance of self,

“I'm no good, not wanted, useless.”

“I accept myself, just as I am.”

“Self respect comes from within me.”

Gives a nurturing parent energy to the child within
who grew up in an emotionally barren wasteland.

Iceberg Rose flower essence - Restoring one's sense of purity.    Click for complete details Iceberg Rose

To restore the sense of purity when one has
felt violated, soiled and impure.

For all levels of sexual abuse, including
sexual harassment.

For women and for men.

Crassula flower essence - Anchoring the soul into the body.    Click for complete details Crassula

To strengthen one’s connection to one’s body,
where one has suffered a past physical trauma.

Pulls one back into one's body, by balancing and
stabilising the energy between the crown and base

Cause is past abuse of a physical nature:
eg. physical violence, sexual abuse, or assault.

Pulls one back into one's body.
Achieves body/soul fusion, where the reason for the
disconnection has been physical or sexual abuse.

Can be past-life abuse.

A very powerful and important essence for
treatment of abuse victims.

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      “I now stand proud and tall, and I
        look the world in the eye and smile.”

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