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Here is a selection of the feedback we have received from our customers from around the world.

The first group of testimonials are from our customers who have ordered a Custom Flower Essence Blend for themselves.....

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the essences you made for me and Alexander. Alexander has had amazing results with the essences you made for him. Within a few days of taking it his night terrors had subsided dramatically. It's now been a few weeks and I can honestly say that they have gone from occurring at least 1 - 2 per night to virtually non-existent. And they were extreme! Occasionally he will still sleep talk but nothing like we were experiencing. He loves using it and he has also been a lot more settled in himself.”

Wendy, Christchurch, New Zealand, reporting on a custom mixture she ordered for her young son

“I have made good progress with my previous remedy. It is as if I had been a prisoner and blinded without knowing it and something heavy has been lifted and I can start only now working on what is really the issue.”

AO, Galway, Ireland, after completing her third custom flower essence mixture

“I must tell you, your essences are working beautifully with the other healing practices I am working with, homeopathy, shamanic healing. They are assisting change at a rapid pace, helping me to get to and release really deep stuff.”

Celia, Indiana, USA

“Thanks Glenys. Just went and looked at my second layer. All I can say is Wow! I am bowled over. I just “got” the purpose of the layers on a different level. Kind of like the first layer bulldozes away the rubble so the second layer can mine your personal earth. Awesome!”

Keria, Michigan, USA, on receiving the webpage for the second layer of her custom mixture

“I just can't thank you enough for the work you have done, you are both angels. My perspective on life and my body (my ailments) have shifted dramatically. The essences you have prepared are very powerful. I say this because I have worked with other companies, and I feel yours the most. So I am in deep gratitude towards your efforts in bringing these into the world, they have helped to reduce the suffering within me as well as those around me.”

Adam, Santa Monica, California, USA

“Once again you have done a wonderful job. As soon as I started taking my essences my energy system just turned around and I haven't felt this good in a long time (well at least since my last bottle)..... I can certainly feel the difference. Thank-you so much.”

Amanda, Sydney, Australia  (after her second custom mix treatment)

And, Amanda again, after her fifth treatment.....

“My asthma has gone. I have not used my puffer for so long, I don't even remember. I feel so wonderful, my confidence is incredible. Please send me some more essences for spiritual path issues, thank-you”

“The essences arrived today, well packed.  I had looked at the webpages you set up for me, showing the ingredients, and I felt cheery.  After taking the essences I felt even cheerier and more grounded.  That's an odd combination for me, but it works!  Many thanks for your kind efforts, I know I am a problem for practitioners. I don't know how you figured out the energy leak, but it certainly has been there and had not responded to reiki.”

Jane, Connecticut, USA

And, a more recent testimonial from Jane, following a series of two custom mix treatments with our essences....

“The personalized emotional and physical essences are extremely effective in releasing long-standing traumas.  They work where other remedies have failed.”

This next group of testimonials are from our customers who ordered from our extensive stock bottle Flower Essence range.....

“We have received our new essences, and are delighted to have them. Thank-you very much for sending them so quickly....
More big changes have happened to us since taking the New Generation essences. We know what you mean about the energies really pushing everything forward. The New Millennium essences are certainly much more powerful than the Australian Bush Flower Essences that we have been working with in the past.”

Lynne, Queenstown, New Zealand

“The Debugger has been great....
I use it now everytime I go to shopping centres (1 drop before I go and 1 drop when I get home). I have also used it on the computer when it was misbehaving, and the next time I turned it on it ran like clock-work. So subsequently I have also put a few drops on our cars and also on the washing machine which tends to be a little moody sometimes. But, no moods since using the drops!!!”

Silva, Melbourne, Australia

“Just a note of thanks and feedback to let you know I have been taking the essences for a bit more than a week now and know they are working on energies that I have carried since infancy which until now I couldn't identify. I have had spontaneous memories of a time before I had words to describe it and I now feel a shift in what had been issues of trust and connectedness.”

Rhiannon, New York, USA

“Your flower essences have been very effective in facilitating the breath and helping me to become more present.”

Artist and Yogini, Brooklyn, New York, USA

White Magnolia is the single most useful remedy that I've ever used. It smooths out the blend and allows us to be more confident mixing combinations. It's also been immensely beneficial for soothing healing crises. Thanks for making this wonderful blend!”

Paul, Washington State, USA

“My clients and I are having just amazing results.....
One thing I want to share is that your Linkage Essence (the White Magnolia) really rocks! I do not get that intense feeling of suffering that I used to get with the Bach essences as my stuff released. Thanks for that Peter, that's a big one!”

Daylene, California, USA

“I have not had a cigarette since March 2004. And I seriously doubt I would have been so successful had it not been for your NME (New Millennium Essences) for cigarette addiction. It was easier this time too. It's quite different this time from previous attempts at giving up smoking. This time I have complete trust in my continued ability to live as a non-smoker.”

Maryellen, New South Wales, Australia, writing in December 2004

These testimonials are from our customers who have bought from either our “Everyday Helpers” range or our “Animal Helpers” range of flower essence blends.....

“I took our daughter Flora (9) with me to Brydone Growers to do our shopping as usual, but this time we asked about the essences. Flora chose a bottle of “Children's Health” and we started the drops that day. Miraculously the dreadful fuss about going to school has simply dissolved and she has happily skipped away every morning since. Previously she was absent a lot. In fact the poor concerned principal of her primary school has carefully documented her record of attendance (true), and it was around away one day in three.

Not only has the school trauma dissolved, but she now seems more relaxed and focussed and the sore tummies are a thing of the past. Magical child come home! Such fantastic news.

So, we can only thank you very much for this wonderful remedy.”

Wendy, Oamaru, New Zealand, after buying the “Everyday Helpers” Children's Health essence mixture at her local organic store

“Well the flower essences for addictions are amazing. I noticed a change/shift in myself after about 2 days and things are just getting better......... I would like to order 2 more bottles please, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. We are both clean and will try anything to stay that way.”

Jason, Hamilton, New Zealand, after ordering the “Everyday Helpers” Addictions essence mixture

“Our dog Holly! We were all amazed her yesterday...

She would become a “dithering mess” dribbling everywhere at the slightest look of rain. We had really heavy rain overnight Monday and rain until the afternoon yesterday and none of us could believe the difference in this little dog. During the night and morning VERY LAID BACK quite a sharp contract to how she behaved even two weeks ago with heavy rain.

We would all become stressed whenever it rained as we wouldknow what she was like, especially if she was outside and “home alone”. We would arrive home not knowing whether she would have tried to run away!”

Marlene, New Plymouth, New Zealand, after using both the Dogs Health and Animal Past Trauma essence mixtures on her dog, Holly

Then, this email from Marlene a month later, shortly before we were to visit the family....

“Our little dog Holly is doing really well. Those who know her and knew what she was like with rain etc are quite amazed at the change in her. Life is so much better with her now days. The “panic attacks” seem to have dissipated. She still looks a little concerned when it begins to rain. She would not even eat her meals a few weeks ago if it was raining. You will meet her, and we are truly grateful to FLOWER ESS!”

“I would just like to say a huge thankyou for your fantastic essences. My dog has been on your essences for kidneys and I have seen a huge shift in her health. She is an elderly dog that has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease and she has stopped weeing in the house and can wait to get outside now.

Thank you once again for a fantastic product.”

Debbie, Darfield, New Zealand, after buying the “Animal Helpers” Animal Kidneys essence mixture

These testimonials are from our customers who have bought from our “Aromatherapy Spray Blends” range.....

“I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING this product is. I've just given myself a 'spray', and really meditated on the affirmation on the website for the Aura Cleanse, and am just feeling so strong and powerful - really feel like I'm standing in my own power. It's so nice to be able to do this in a work-space, which can often be a 'negative' environment.”

Sally, Christchurch, New Zealand, after buying the Aura Cleanse spray

And the last group of testimonials are emails from people who have been moved to thank us for our free “Online Healing” pages.....

“I am so very grateful that I have to thank you now, because it has added a dimension to my healing process that I have very much needed...... What a Godsend your work has been to many people, I am sure. Your devotion to it shines through and comes out as love. The affirmations bring peace to my soul.  It was evident to me that a great deal of caring work had gone into the development of that service with a motivation far deeper than commercial enhancement, and frankly, I was astounded.”

Paige, Charleston, West Virginia, USA

“I would just like to thank you for the Online Healing section of your website. A woman who did holographic repatterning with me sent your address last week. I have sent it on to friends as well. I have a good little color printer and printed a few of them out. I have had healing experiences with them already and am so glad to know about your organization.”

Amanda, Austin, Texas, USA

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