Charles Rafill Magnolia - one of the key essences in this travel spray

Travel Ease

Our spray bottle blend of aromatherapy essential oils and special flower essences for help with travel issues.

This product is a blend of our own New Millennium flower essences, combined with specially selected aromatherapy essential oils, to create a unique product for use in helping with the symptoms of travel.

The issues covered by the specialist flower essences include tiredness and travel fatigue, insomnia, “debugging” from bad energies, aura cleanse and repair, environmental issues associated with being in an aircraft, and general body and energetic support.

The group of essences that is specifically for helping with the issues associated with travel were discovered during some breakthrough research in 2003 and 2004 by Peter and Glenys. By taking careful note of specific symptoms that they were suffering from while travelling (both by aircraft and by car) and by thoroughly documenting these issues, they were able to go out and find specific flower essences that address these issues. They then tested these new essences by using them during later trips (in aircraft and surface vehicles) to prove their effectiveness.

By blending together a diverse range of our essences from various specialist sources, we have created a unique powerful combination that addresses most of the issues associated with travel. For example, we have included several of our well-known and widely accepted aura cleanse and repair and “debugger” essences, and combined these with some of our powerful essences from our New Generation Alchemy and our Core Issues essences, along with the above-mentioned travel-specific essences, some of our environmental essences (including ones for helping with the affects of air-conditioning and emf radiation), plus also essences to support the immune system and to help balance the body cycles.

And also, we created two brand new essences, specifically for this product, the ones for jet-lag and for body melatonin balance.

The ingredients listed below are the active ingredients that provide the energies to assist with all of the various symptoms associated with travel......

Multi-Colored Impatiens, for help with jet-lag symptoms. Click for details Jet-Lag     Multi-Colored Impatiens
A flower essence for helping with the symptoms of jet-lag, and time-zone change fatigue. The multiple colors of the various flowers symbolize the various time-zones.

Melatonin Balance     Pohue on dead Ponga
Pohue on dead Ponga, for help with melatonin balance. Click for details A flower essence for helping with melatonin balance in the body. Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep and waking cycles, which are obviously disrupted during long-distance travel across time-zones. Melatonin is produced in the body by the pineal gland, under the influence of daylight, and changing the cycles of daylight and night will obviously disrupt the cycles that the body has accustomed itself to. This essence is for helping the body to re-adjust as quickly as possible to this disruption and re-establish a new cycle.

Charles Rafill Magnolia, one of the travel effects essences. Click for details Travel Energetic Effects
A super-essence for helping with the various energetic effects of rapid travel. This includes the effect of sudden transitions, and of becoming ungrounded by moving very rapidly. Also help with re-grounding the body, and with recovery from the after-effects of the travel process.

Motion Sickness     Rosehips
Rosehips, for help with motion sickness symptoms. Click for details A fruit essence for helping with the symptoms of motion sickness, as sometimes experienced in various forms of travel, including air, sea and land vehicle. A herbal infusion of rosehips is reputed to include the property of “easing dizziness”, among its many claimed medicinal properties. While this essence is made differently from a herbal infusion, (it has no biochemically active properties), it is therefore not surprising that the essence is also for “easing dizzyness”.

Pink Kangaroo Paw, one of the flying effects essences. Click for details Flying Energetic Effects
A super-essence for helping with the various energetic effects of traveling in a jet aircraft. This includes the effect of the motion of flight in relation to the earth, the effect of being isolated from the earth's surface, the effects of the jet engines, and the “metal tube syndrome”.

Shot Silk Camellia, one of the air-conditioning syndrome essences. Click for details Air-Conditioning Syndrome
For helping the body to cope with the effects of being in an air-conditioned environment, including the effects on the body of being immersed in dry, dead air that has been artificially pumped through ducts and vents, artificially heated or refrigerated, stripped of health-giving negative ions, and is devoid of the life-force energy that air contains in a natural environment.

Mountain Fire Pieris, one of the emf radiation syndrome essences. Click for details Electromagnetic Radiation
For helping the body to cope with the effects of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation of various types, including computers, office equipment, electrical cabling, etc. For helping the body with the effects on the body cells and the body's energetic system.

Quatre Saisons Rose, for helping the body cycles. Click for details Body Cycles     Quatre Saisons Rose
A flower essence for helping the body to have healthy and functional cycles. This includes healthy sleep patterns, biorhythm cycles, hormonal level cycles, and the many other cycles that the body experiences, some of which are still unknown to medical science.

Pink Flowered Bush, the aura cleanse and repair flower essence. Click to see details Aura Cleanse and Repair
To cleanse, and repair, the human energy field, or “aura” of dirty and dysfunctional energy, and to repair damage, such as holes and breaks in the aura, due to the stresses induced in the body by modern living, environmental toxins, emf radiation, etc.

Hibertia, the "Super Debugger" flower essence. Click for details Super-Debugger     Hibertia
The flower essence for helping a person to “debug” themselves of any form of energetic entities of the “etheric parasite” type. These entities can take many forms, and, although they have no physical 3D form, they are just as “real” as physical parasites.

High Hopes Rose, the damage repair essence. Click for a large picture Damage Repair     High Hopes Rose
Repairing damage in the human aura. The aura of most people is damaged, with many holes, cracks and breaks. This essence provides energies to repair this damage.  (Also for healing “fractures”, breaks, holes and discontinuities in the chi energy of a house or building.)

Energetic Protection     Serendipity Rose
Serendipity Rose, for protection from manevolent energetic attack. Click for details An essence for protection from manevolent energetic attack to a person's energy system or body, from any hostile, negative source. Includes protection from attack from the so-called “dark forces”, and entities from the astral plane, etc. Works in a New Energy way, ie. non-dualistic, to make it impossible for the attacker to latch onto the target, as the attacker will always be dualistic, representing the dark side of duality, and the essence renders the target non-dualistic, so there is nothing to hook into.

Parsley, the Body Balance essence. Click for details Body Balance and Energy For stimulating and balancing the body's energy and the overall energy balance of the body, on all levels. Helps the human body come back into a more natural state of balance and harmony, consistent with the current emotional and mental state of the person, and with where the person is at currently in the challenges and lessons that life is offering them.

Feverfew, the flower essence for body balance and body energy. Click for details Body Energy and Balance     Feverfew
The flower essence for help with body balance and body energy. Helping us to maintain balance in our physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Warszawska Nike Clematis, the flower essence for negative energy. Click for details Negative Energy     Warszawska Nike Clematis
The flower essence for helping the body to release all forms of negative and emotional energy. Includes energy that is picked up from other people, from the environment, from sources like TV, violent movies, video games, etc. Also includes help with negative energies of a more extreme and invasive nature, including hexes, curses, etc.

Grass, the flower essence for tiredness and fatigue. Click for details Tiredness and Fatigue     Dried-up Grass
The flower essence for all aspects of tiredness and fatigue. Includes help for the body with the low energy aspects of tiredness, and help for when a person has to keep going even when feeling exhausted.

Sunny Honey Rose, for helping the body innate intelligence. Click for large picture Body's Innate Intelligence     Sunny Honey Rose
To help unlock the innate intelligence that is contained within our bodies, where the body always knows exactly what is best for it, and it is the mind (especially emotional energy generated into the body from the mind) that interferes with this innate body intelligence. This essence helps the mind to step aside and allow the body to sort out what is really needed.

Body Energy Kickstart     Kiskadee Rose
Kiskadee Rose, for body energy kickstart. Click for large picture A flower essence for helping the body to give itself a good solid “energy kick-start”, somewhat like (in computer terms) a “re-boot”. Sometimes, after a period when the body has had to undergo many changes and make many rebalancing adjustments, the sheer number of changes and adjustments, piled on top of each other, can lead to a situation where things just are not quite working as well as they should. This flower essence is to help initiate a process that could be thought of as a “starting over from the beginning”, which will, when completed, allow the body to re-order itself into a more efficient and holistic unit.

Immune System Support     Sea Foam Rose
Sea Foam Rose, for immune system support. Click for details This is the Master Healing Essence of immune system support. Our immune systems are a very vital system of our physical bodies, without which we would very quickly succumb to serious illness and die. This essence helps the body to balance and regulate its immune system, and should be used along with other essences for help with resolving the associated emotional and mental issues that will always be present.

Pink Dahlia, the flower essence for insomnia and sleep disorders. Click for details Sleep and Insomnia
To help resolve sleep disorders and false beliefs about sleep and the nature of sleep. To help transform one's “sleep paradigm” to a more healthy and realistic form.

Master Linkage     Tree, with Creeper
Tree with creeper, the "master linkage" essence. Click for details The master linkage essence, for connecting together the healing energies of combinations of the New Generation Alchemy Essences. This essence is used in all mixtures of our “New Generation Alchemy Essences”, and it provides energies to connect together the various healing energies of these very advanced essences, into one synergistic whole. Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various energies together.

In order to create these combination products that are literally a new modality, being much more than just simple mixtures of essential oils and flower essences, we set out on a program of research and development to find ways to energetically combine and enhance together the aromatherapy oils with the flower essences.

The results of this research program yielded three special flower essences, that are included in all of these aromatherapy spray blend products, that fill roles of energetically holding together the energies and enhancing the properties. These three special flower essences (a special version of the White Magnolia, the Dark Pink Camellia, and the Viper's Bugloss), are the first three essences listed below.....

Click on the name (or picture) to go to a page of details about that essence.....

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details. White Magnolia    The “Hampden Street” version of our master linkage flower essence, for connecting together the healing energies of combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to connect together the various healing energies of the oils and of the flower essences, into one synergistic whole.

Moderator-Combiner    Dark Pink Camellia
Dark Pink Camellia, the essential oils moderator-combiner essence.  Click to see details. The “moderator-combiner” flower essence, for use in mixtures that comprise combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to facilitate the harmonious working together of the various types of energies present in these mixtures.

Essential Oils Resonance Enhancer    Viper's Bugloss
Viper's Bugloss, the essential oils resonance enhancer flower essence.  Click to see details. The “essential oil resonance enhancer” flower essence, for use in mixtures that comprise combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to enhance the resonance of the essential oil component energies, in their relationships with the flower essences in the combined mixture.

And there is also a fourth ingredient that enhances the “combining-linking” properties of this blend, specifically for cleansing and detoxing situations.

Detox and Cleanse     Moon River Peony
Moon River Peony, the detox and cleansing essence. Click for large picture This essence is for use in a combination blend of flower essences and essential oils, and its function is to enhance the effectiveness of the essential oils in their properties related to detoxification and cleansing. This can include properties such as diuretic, decongestant, laxative, etc. This essence does this by working with the energetic aspects of the essential oils to enhance and strengthen these properties.

The aromatherapy essential oils in this spray blend product are the following.....

Himalayan Cedarwood  (Cedrus deodora, wildcrafted from Nepal)

Fragonia  (Agonis fragrans, spray free from Australia)

Mandarin  (Citrus reticulata, organic from Italy)

All of these essential oils are of the very highest quality, being either organic or wildcrafted (ie. gathered from the wild, in a sustainable manner). They are the same therapeutic-grade essential oils that we offer for sale on our Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oil Product Page.

The liquid base for this room-spray product is a blend of pure water, top-quality vodka, and a small quantity of a natural emulsifier, Polysorbate 20 (derived from palm oil). Not to be taken internally, and keep away from the eyes.

This “Travel Ease” aromatherapy spray blend product is available in a 30 millilitre spray bottle. (Approx. 1 fluid ounce).

You are welcome to obtain this product direct from us, and we can ship to anywhere in the world.

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