Yellow Canna Lily, one of main essences in this blend

“Ultra” Flower Essence Treatment Blend, for general use by all Adults. .... Second Layer of First Bottle.

Adult Blend, can be started by anybody, at any time.

These are the essences that are in the second “layer” of the first bottle of the New Millennium Essences Adult "Ultra" Personal Healing Series of flower essence blends.

The recommended dosage is one or two drops, 3 times per day, and this second "layer" carries straight on from where the first layer finished, and then lasts until the bottle runs out, which is usually about a further 15 days. The first 'layer' can be viewed at this webpage.

If taking directly in the mouth, be very careful to tilt your head well back, open your mouth wide, and do not bring the dropper too close to the mouth......  if you touch the dropper against your mouth or skin, bacteria will be introduced to the mixture.

If you have any questions, please E-Mail Peter

It would also be very useful for you to look at the pictures of the flowers occasionally, as follows......

Click on the name (or photo) of the flower or stone, to go to a large photograph of that flower or stone, and then sit for a minute or two, absorbing the healing energy......

Optimum Past Choice     Cotoneaster Berries
Cotoneaster essence, for the optimum past choice. Click for details This essence is for helping a person to go back into any time in their past and to “change their past reality”, as if something actually happened differently to how it actually did happen. It is possible to do this because “the past” actually only really has any existence within the mind; it is only the mind that contains the past, it does not occur anywhere else. It is therefore possible to literally “change the past”, just by changing one's mind! Just like it says in “A Course in Miracles” when it tells us to “choose again”, and, if needed, again and again and again, until we make the optimum choice. This essence helps us to undergo this process, literally erasing that old memory of what we used to think happened, and changing it to a new memory of what we now know happened, when we made a different choice back then in our “past”. This essence is obviously a very powerful tool for helping to erase old trauma memories.

Relief Essence     Yellow Canna Lily
Yellow Canna Lily, the zpf essence for relief. Click for details “Relief”.  This is the zpf Master Healer essence for “relief”. The essence for when you just desperately want help, and you want if now! No messing about with “working through one's issues”, no fooling about with “healing crises”, you just want some immediate respite from that which is driving you crazy! Well.... here it is! Provides help with the “perception of suffering”, helping a person to realize that the suffering is generated in the mind, and that, once this is realized, that the symptoms of “suffering” can shift, even physical body symptoms.

Jumbled and Scattered     Fennel Seeds on fence
Fennel Seeds, the zpf essence for restoring scattered and jumbled energy. Click for details “Restoring the randomly scattered and jumbled.” Part of the energy of this essence is that I am actually not exactly sure as to whether the plants are actually fennel! They actually could be yarrow, it is hard to tell the two of them apart when they are at the seeding stage and the plant is actually dead. But whatever, we do know what the essence is for, which is to help restore one's energy back to its functional state when it has been hopelessly distorted by being broken up and scattered.

Chakras - Energetic     Three Pines
Three Pines, the zpf essence for the energetic chakra issues. Click for details This tree essence is the chakra essence for the energetic aspects of the chakras. It is made up of three pine trees, of three different varieties of pine, and located at varying distances from the front porch of my house. The three trees can be visually lined up in a straight line, if one moves into the correct position, and this symbolizes all of the energies of all the chakras being in perfect balance and alignment.

Cellular optimization     Little Elf flower
Little Elf flower essence, for help with ceullar optimization. Click for details When I first saw this flower, I burst out laughing! I immediately recognized him, as “Little Elf”. He is actually the remaining part of a large flower that has decayed away to a small remmnant, which looks exactly like a little face with a large, pointed hat, peeking out from behind a huge leaf. I knew immediately what he was for, which is to assist the body in optimizing its cells, in whatever manner is needed by each individual body.

Radical Forgiveness     Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds, the zero point field essence for Radical Forgiveness. Click for details This is an environmental essence, of storm-clouds, at the time of the spring equinox (southern hemisphere), and coinciding with the full moon and a series of “Galactic Activation Portal” days on the Mayan Calendar. At this time of a very powerful combination and synthesis of astrological forces, the dramatic cloud formation, photographed as the storm cleared, symbolizes the energy of completion and moving on, which is what “Radical Forgiveness” is all about... the realization that what happened was for the overall good, was needed, and was for reasons that were mainly hidden at the time. Click on the link, or picture, for more information about Radical Forgiveness.

Perfection Download     Aurum Lily, in Sun
Aurum Lily in sun, the perfection download zero point field flower essence. Click for details “Perfection download”. This flower essence is for helping a person to cast aside all of the false-programming illusion that they were indoctrinated with, and to replace it with a new “perfection download” which is literally the Truth of Who They Really Are.  Just about everything that we are taught about ourselves, who we really are, and the world and our place in it, is a load of junk. This essence helps facilitate the replacement of the false garbage with the truth.

Master Linkage Essence     KawaKawa and Huge Rock
KawaKawa and big rock, the zpf Master Linkage Essence. Click for details This essence of the native New Zealand healing plant, KawaKawa, growing all over a huge stone in the New Zealand bush, is the “Master Linkage Essence”, that holds all the energies together in a blend of these Zero Point Field essences. This essence is the latest, “zpf version”, of a “linkage essence”. It provides energies to orchestrate, fine-tune and harmonize all of the energies in all of the essences is a Zero-Point-Field essence blend. It helps with the overall balance of the blend as a whole, fine-tuning the blend into a whole-istic tightly-integrated whole rather than just a mixture of individual essences. It also integrates the healing energies from various associated modality remedies (essential oils, homeopathics, herbal remedies, homeobotanicals, etc.) into the overall zpf flower essence blend.

These next four essences are from our New Generation Alchemy essences, which is a set of general-purpose emotional, physical and spiritual healing set that we produced in 2004. These four essences are among the most useful of these 'NGA' essences.

Orange Aster, for healing wounded hearts. Click for details Heart Trauma Healing     Orange Aster
The flower essence for seeing through the illusion of a “wounded heart”, and for seeing that all so-called “trauma from the past” is an unreal phantom that lives only within the mind.

Small Flax, the relationship issues flower essence. Click for details Relationship Issues     Small “Flax”
The flower essence for everything to do with “relating” and “relationships”. To help one step outside of the generally accepted beliefs about relationships and relating, and all that goes with the territory, including communication, codependency, misunderstandings, etc.

Peperomia polybotrya, the flower essence for addictions. Click to see details Addictions and Patterns     Peperomia polybotrya
The flower essence for helping heal addictions and addictive behavior. It does this by helping a person to see through the illusion of perceived compulsion, and to realize that we all do have the power of choice over every form of behavior in our lives. Nothing has power over us, unless we give it that power, and this includes even the most “compulsive” forms of addictions.

Light Violet Bougainvillea, the flower essence for body wellbeing. Click for details Body Wellbeing     Light Violet Bougainvillea
The flower essence for body wellbeing, helping the physical body to maintain its normal state of wellbeing and harmony, which is its natural state.

Next we have a group of essences that are for help with issues from past lives, both on earth and also on some alien planets, a very long time ago..... Even if you do not believe in such a thing as so-called 'past lives', these essences do seem to help with subconcious issues and energies, so I suggest you suspend judgment and just allow the process to work.

White Bold Rhododendron, for releasing karmic residue. Click for large picture Karmic Residue Release     White Bold Rhododendron
For helping a person, in what is mainly a subconscious letting go process, work through the many layers of “karmic residue” that they are holding onto, and in this process to also change their paradigm regarding the nature of so-called “past lives” and to realise that they no longer need to be held in old patterns or paradigms.

City of Auckland Rose, the trauma healer essence for past lives. Click for large picture Past Life Trauma Healer     City of Auckland Rose
This flower essence is for helping to release the energy that a person is carrying from the experiencing of so-called “trauma” in a past life. It is not necessary to actually believe in the existence of “past lives” in order to benefit from this essence, one only has to be willing to be open to the possibility, and to allow the healing of whatever the unbalanced energy might represent, without having to know the details. The trauma that is being healed has originated in a past life, and has somehow spilled over into this present lifetime.

This next little group of essences is for help in resolving some unbalanced energies of a general “family heriditiary” nature, passing down to you through your family line.....

Family Personality Traits     Regensberg Rose Regensberg Rose flower essence - for emotional genetic patterns. Click for a large picture
Personality “traits” are inherited within families, and one of the mechanisms through which these are passed down through the generations is by emotional genetic patterns, that act like building blocks within each person's psyche.  These energetic pattern building-blocks could be thought of as acting like “precursors” to specific emotional personality traits. This flower essence helps us to release whichever of these building-blocks that are no longer appropriate for us.

Kapai Rose flower essence, dealing with ancestral karma. Click for a large picture Ancestral Karma Resolve     Kapai Rose
The flower essence for resolving “ancestral karma”, ie. karma that belonged to our ancestors that has been passed down to us, and in many cases is no longer of any relevance to us in the here and now.

The final group of essences are for “debugging”, which includes dealing with negative energy from various sources, including bad energy that has been picked up in your everyday life, eg. from shopping malls and supermarkets, and also bad energy from various kinds of deliberate attack (eg. can include the likes of Road Rage, and also, sometimes, Black Magic attack), and anything from the “Dark Side”.....

Repair and Debug
Yellow Hibertia, one of the main repair and debug essences. Click for details. This Super-Essence combines together three of our most useful repair and debug essences. By combining together the High Hopes Rose, the Yellow Hibertia, and the Arethusa Rose, we have a super-effective Super-Essence for helping with the various aspects of repairing and debugging the human energy system. This Super-Essence is especially good for follow-on use after a person has already had the benefit of our more basic “Clearance” Super-Essence.

Super Hexes     Iris Gee Rose
Iris Gee Rose, the flower essence for dealing with Super-Hexes. The flower essence for helping a person to deal with and release energies of the “Super- Hex” type. This can be any energetic entity that has attached itself to you from any source, and includes things that are commonly referred to as “curses”, “spells”, “hexes”, etc. This essence is especially good for dealing with stuff that has been passed down through the family generational line.

Melaleuca pulchella, the etheric mosquito net flower essence. Click for details Etheric Mosquito Net     Melaleuca pulchella (Claw Honey Myrtle)
The “etheric mosquito net” flower essence. Working at the etheric level, this flower essence helps people whose bodies lack the normal protective mechanism that most people have against attack by “etheric parasites”.

Drap d' Or Lantana, for breaking the astral threads. Click for details Astral Threads Disconnect     Lantana - Drap d' Or
The flower essence to help a person to break the threads that are connecting their body to the astral plane, allowing unwanted astral entities to follow the threads.

Protection from Energy Attack     Guardian Tree
Guardian Tree, for protection from energy attack. Click for details A tree essence for help with protection from “energy attack”. An essence made from a tree that grows on the northwest corner of Peter's property. Guardian trees of this kind can be found in various places, standing ready to repel any attack from any form of negative or evil energy.

Nothing in this Website, including the contents of this webpage, is intended to be taken as “medical advice” or medical treatment.

Anyone with any medical condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional.

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