Pink and White Cosmos, one of our new Quantum Essences

What's New in Flower Essences?

Here is the very latest in news and discoveries from us at New Millennium Essences.

As we are now well and truly into the twenty-first century, everything really is speeding up.  The pace of life, and the pace of change, is getting faster and faster.  This faster pace is very much evident in the speed with which new discoveries are being made in this research project of ours here at New Millennium Essences, and it is important that these new discoveries be brought to you as quickly as possible.....

Quantum Essences
Pink and White Cosmos, one of our new Quantum Essences. Click for details The result of 25 years of our intensive research and development program, our new Quantum Essences take the art and science of essences onto a new plane. These essences really are different to anything that has gone before, both in their extraordinary power, and in the way they work, addressing issues that have been overlooked until now. They drill right down very deep into the very core of the human psyche, healing the very deepest trauma. And, the way these essences work with things like the "White Gold" energy, the "Divine Alchemy", the energy of the Ho'Opopono Prayer, the Pain Grid, and the Double Bind, is extraordinary.

21st Century Practitioner Set
Yesterday Rose, one of our new 21st Century Practitioner Essences. Click for details We have very recently upgraded this set, and made it our premium essence set. A collection of 40 bottles, of the 40 most useful essences that we have ever made. Suitable for everyone, including practitioners, for intensive personal healing, and for use in helping family and friends in their healing.

21st Century Essentials Set
Pink Iceberg Rose, one of our new 21st Century Essentials Essences. Click for details Our cut-down (20 bottles) version of the above set. Also recently upgraded, and now our basic entry-level premium essence set. A collection of 20 bottles, of the 20 core most useful essences that we have ever made. Suitable for everyone, including practitioners, for intensive personal healing, and for use in helping family and friends in their healing.

The following, while not actually being “new” in the strictest sense, are things that we would like to draw your attention to.....

Skin Care Essences
Magnolia stellata, one of our skin care essences. Click to see details This is our new set of specialist flower essences for skincare applications. They are specifically designed to help the skin in its various functions to be in a state of healthy balance. They can either be used on their own, or combined into blends and products along with other ingredients like essential oils, hydrosols, and herbal extracts. We believe that these essences will revolutionize skin-care products. We use these essences in our new range of our own skincare products.

Programmed Construct Essences
Clodagh McGredy Rose, one of our new Programmed Construct Essences. Click for details Not really new any more, but still very useful. We have uncovered how energies that are the legacy of past trauma and unresolved conflict, etc, are stored in the body and the subconscious mind. The “Programmed Constructs” that we have discovered are the same “demons” that Carl Jung was witnessing in his famous dream work, and the same thing that Wilhelm Reich was working with in his “body armouring”. It does not matter what name one gives them, these things are real, and they are at the core of the underlying causes of all dysfunctions of the human body and mind. There are several types of these Constructs, and we have made an essence for treating each one.

Zero-Point Remedy
Yellow Canna Lily, a key ingrediient of the Zero-Point Remedy. Click for details Recently upgraded with the addition of some very powerful new essences. Our “Zero-Point Remedy” is a combination blend of our “best of the best”. This spray-bottle product combines together the sheer power of our latest cutting-edge work, along with some of the best of our older “tried and true” essences, blended into a powerful synergy with several dilute organic essential oils, a new homeopathic remedy, and a new homeo-botanical remedy, all of our own design. Carry a bottle in your pocket or handbag, and have it on hand whenever one of life's little crises strikes.

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