Yellow Canna Lily, for relief, one of the main ingredients

Zero-Point Remedy

“One Remedy to Heal them All, and in the Lightness Find Them”

   The truly breakthrough energy-medicine remedy for the 21st Century....

Very occasionally, there is a truly revolutionary breakthrough made in some field of human endeavour.

This is one of those very rare occasions.

After eighteen years of intensive research and development, involving many thousands of hours of dedicated effort.

Holding steady to a vision of what must be possible.

We are pleased to announce that it has finally been done.

The “Holy Grail” of energy medicine has been achieved.

Ever since his early beginnings as an energy medicine worker, Peter Archer has had a vision. of one “super product”, that will incorporate, in the one product, a genuine “do everything” functionality that allows people to have just the one product, a single “super remedy” in their pocket, their purse, their car glove-box, their first-aid kit, their office draw, and in their bathroom medicine cabinet.

A single product that will be a faithful helper for anybody who uses it, for help with a very wide range of health- related issues.

“One remedy to heal them all, and in the lightness find them!” (With apologies to Tolkein.)

Frustrated by having to manufacture and promote an ever-increasing large range of specialist products, Peter had a vision of a genuine “one remedy does it all” type natural health remedy, and this became his personal quest for his “Holy Grail of Natural Health Remedies”.

Simultaneously with this quest for the Holy Grail of a single “super remedy”, Peter was also continuously striving in a quest for excellence, constantly improving the quality of the results that his remedies were achieving.

There was therefore the issue of whether the constant drive for improvement was actually incompatible with a desire to create his Holy Grail of a single remedy that covers all bases. Maybe the two goals were mutually incompatible. Maybe, in order to achieve greatly enhanced performance, it was inherently necessary for any natural health remedy to become more specialized, more narrowly-defined. This is certainly the case in mainstream science, where the trend for hundreds of years has been towards more and more narrow specialization.

Peter refused to buy into this theory, however. He held fast to his vision of his Holy Grail of a single remedy that would not only “do everything”, but also would be so incredibly good, so advanced, so effective, that it would mark a genuine turning point in the evolution of natural-health remedies.

However, to achieve this vision was not easy. To achieve the required degree of versatility, while at the same time also producing a product that actually does work, that does help people for just about everything, this has been no small task.

Just when he thought that the fulfillment of such a vision might be impossible, that his “Holy Grail” was only a foolish dream, suddenly he made the crucial breakthrough. His Zero Point Field Essences provided the key ingredients for the realization of his dream.

Along with his earlier discoveries of his “Aromatic Alchemy” and his melding together of a new range of homeopathic remedies, a new range of homeobotanical remedies, and the updating of his Super-Essence technology: and by bringing all of these together into one synergistic integrated healing system, he achieved his goal.

“Zero Point Remedy” is a spray-bottle type product. Its ingredients comprise a blend of powerful flower essences, along with one of Peter's powerful new homeopathic remedies, one of his new homeobotanical remedies, and small quantities of three essential oils. All blended together in the one bottle using proprietary technology, so that all the diverse energies work together in harmony, becoming literally a “super remedy”.

Listed below are the ingredients of this amazing new “do everything” energy medicine product.....

The first group of ingredients are four new “Super-Essences”. Our Super-Essence technology was first developed in the year 2000, and has stood the test of time. These four Super-Essences that follow are newly-formulated, especially for use in this new remedy.

Trauma Super-Essence
Yellow Rose, one of the trauma essences. Click for details First, we have a little group of our well-tested trauma essences, that we have combined into a “Super-Essence”. These five trauma essences are the main ingredients in our well-proven “Everyday Emergency” trauma blend product, and we have taken them and combined all five into a new “Super-Essence”, where they become one integrated entity, all working together in a tightly-integrated way, to become a very powerful “super essence”, that covers all aspects of the healing of trauma.

Pink Flowered Bush, one of the main clearing and repair essences. Click for details. This Super-Essence comprises a combination of our six most successful well-tried and well-proven essences for cleansing, repairing and debugging the human aura and energy system. The combination of these six powerful essences, combined together into one Super-Essence, provides a very effective basic level of energy cleanse, repair, and debugging, that everybody will benefit from, especially on their first ever essence treatment.

Repair and Debug
Yellow Hibertia, one of the repair and debug essences. Click for details Next, we have three well-proven essences from our older “energy repair and debugger” category. We have combined these three individual essences into a “Super-Essence”, to create one very powerful energetic entity that covers all aspects of the issues associated with repairing energetic damage and expelling negative energies.

Body Relief
Thryptomene catlycina, one of the Body Relief essences. Click for details This Super-Essence is a combination of four very powerful body support essences. Each of these four essences contributes healing energy for its own particular specialty, which includes relief, support, balance and energy optimization. In this Super-Essence, they are melded together into one powerful healing entity, which provides whatever is needed in the way of body healing.

The remainder of the essences in this trauma relief blend are from our new “Zero Point Field” range of essences. These are real state-of-the-art cutting-edge essences, the culmination of many years of intensive research and development. We have been testing these new essences for a few months now, and the results from these tests are truly astounding.

For more details regarding our Zero Point Field Research Project, and the essences that have been developed in this program, have a look at our Zero Point Field Essences webpage

Relief Essence     Yellow Canna Lily
Yellow Canna Lily, the zpf essence for relief. Click for details “Relief”.  This is the zpf Master Healer essence for “relief”. The essence for when you just desperately want help, and you want if now! No messing about with “working through one's issues”, no fooling about with “healing crises”, you just want some immediate respite from that which is driving you crazy! Well.... here it is! Provides help with the “perception of suffering”, helping a person to realize that the suffering is generated in the mind, and that, once this is realized, that the symptoms of “suffering” can shift, even physical body symptoms.

Picture Eraser     Pongas
Pongas tree essence, to help erase deep subconscious old pictures. Click for details This tree essence is for helping to release from the cellular memory, and the deep subconscious mind, old “memory pictures” from the past, that are repeatedly playing in our subconscious, like old movies. Many of these old memory-pictures hold memories of events that we perceived at the time to be traumatic and threatening to us in some way. Many of them are from our early childhood, from before when we could think in a mature, logical manner, when we were experiencing the world through our feeling brain; and consequently what an adult would consider to be a trivial incident, to a young child often such an incident will take on the perception of a huge trauma. Our subconscious mind hangs onto these picture-memories, because it wants to protect us from similar future harm, but in most cases all this results in is a dysfunctional, crippling emotionally-driven disability, obsession, phobia or irrational fear, which severely hampers us as mature adults. This essence helps to dissolve these old picture-memories.

Time Traveller     Rocket
Rocket, for memory of optimum health and balance. Click for details This flower essence is for helping us to reconnect with our former self, back when we were whole and totally healthy. To “channel” our reality as it was back then, before we became “ill”, back when we were young and healthy (can include other realities, and former lives). This essence is the real-life time traveller, more real than the numerous science fiction time travel stories that are now a part of mass consciousness.

Consciousness Shift     Red Berries, through Fence
Red Berries, the zpf consciousness shift essence. Click for details With this flower essence, of red berries on a bush which is on the “other side of the fence”, the fence symbolizes the barrier that needs to be dissolved in order to undertake a large consciousness shift. The “barrier” that prevents us from seeing things differently than the same old way that we were indoctrinated and hypnotized in when we were young, is within our own minds. No-one can force us to keep our belief in these hypnotic spells from childhood, and this essence is for helping us to see through the falsehood and illusion of them and to shift our consciousness towards the real truth of who we really are, a part of God.

Jumbled and Scattered     Fennel Seeds on fence
Fennel Seeds, the zpf essence for restoring scattered and jumbled energy. Click for details “Restoring the randomly scattered and jumbled.” Part of the energy of this essence is that I am actually not exactly sure as to whether the plants are actually fennel! They actually could be yarrow, it is hard to tell the two of them apart when they are at the seeding stage and the plant is actually dead. But whatever, we do know what the essence is for, which is to help restore one's energy back to its functional state when it has been hopelessly distorted by being broken up and scattered.

Cellular optimization     Little Elf flower
Little Elf flower essence, for help with ceullar optimization. Click for details When I first saw this flower, I burst out laughing! I immediately recognized him, as “Little Elf”. He is actually the remaining part of a large flower that has decayed away to a small remmenant, which looks exactly like a little face with a large, pointed hat, peeking out from behind a huge leaf. I knew immediately what he was for, which is to assist the body in optimizing its cells, in whatever manner is needed by each individual body.

Chakras - Energetic     Three Pines
Three Pines, the zpf essence for the energetic chakra issues. Click for details This tree essence is the chakra essence for the energetic aspects of the chakras. It is made up of three pine trees, of three different varieties of pine, and located at varying distances from the front porch of my house. The three trees can be visually lined up in a straight line, if one moves into the correct position, and this symbolizes all of the energies of all the chakras being in perfect balance and alignment.

Cosmic and Universal Energies     Sun, at time of Lunar Eclipse
Sun at lunar eclipse, the essence for balancing cosmic energies. Click for details This essence is an encapsulation of the energy of the sun, as received on earth, at the time of the first sunrise after a lunar partial eclipse and grand cross. This essence is for helping a person's body and energy system to balance itself in relation to the cosmic and universal energies that it receives here on planet earth, that can sometimes be very powerful, with the potential to knock one off-balance. It is also for help with using these cosmic energies in a constructive way to help balance one, and one's energies and issues, in relationship with the All That Is, through the zero point field.

Red Bromeliad, the zpf essence for moderating the healing crisis. Click for details Healing Crisis Moderator     Red Bromeliad
This is the zero point field essence for moderating the “healing crisis”. Often, during the process of healing, it is necessary for a temporary intensifying of the symptoms to occur. This is a normal part of the healing of the issue, but the symptoms can often be distressing. This essence is to help in the moderation of the symptoms, as the healing takes place.

Master Linkage Essence     KawaKawa and Huge Rock
KawaKawa and big rock, the zpf Master Linkage Essence. Click for details This essence of the native New Zealand healing plant, KawaKawa, growing all over a huge stone in the New Zealand bush, is the “Master Linkage Essence”, that holds all the energies together in a blend of these Zero Point Field essences. This essence is the latest, “zpf version”, of a “linkage essence”. It provides energies to orchestrate, fine-tune and harmonize all of the energies in all of the essences in a Zero-Point-Field essence blend. It helps with the overall balance of the blend as a whole, fine-tuning the blend into a whole-istic tightly-integrated whole rather than just a mixture of individual essences. It also integrates the healing energies from various associated modality remedies (essential oils, homeopathics, herbal remedies, homeobotanicals, etc.) into the overall zpf flower essence blend.

Blended in with the above essences, to make a “Super Remedy”, we also have three essential oils (in dilute quantity), and a homeopathic remedy, and a homeo-botanical remedy, as follows....

Fragonia Essential Oil     Agonis fragrans        Click on name or picture to go to a page of info about Fragonia.
Fragonia in flower. Click to go to a page of info about Fragonia Fragonia essential oil is a new oil from Western Australia. This oil has been tested for anti-microbial action, and found to be as strong as Tea Tree oil, however it is extremely gentle on the skin, and has a very pleasant fragrance. Fragonia™ is also a very “balanced” oil, and is (according to Dr Pénoël) especially good for helping attain a balanced emotional state. It is also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, and has been found to be a mild analgesic (pain reliever) for joint and muscle pain, and also for dental pain.
Our Fragonia™ is from the original developer of this oil, Paperbark Oils, of Western Australia, steam distilled from the leaves of the bush, 100 percent strength. 
Note that the name “Fragonia” is a registered trade mark, belonging to Paperbark Oils.

Lemon Essential Oil     Citrus limonum
Lemon fruit on the tree Lemon essential oil is uplifting and stimulating. It is strongly anti-infectious and antimicrobial, and is great for use when suffering from a cold or flu, etc, in a steam inhalation or a footbath, etc. It is also a strong booster of the immune system, and a tonic for the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. Lemon essential oil also has astringent properties on the skin, and is good for controlling oily skin. It is safe to use 100 percent neat on the skin.

Grapefruit Essential Oil     Citrus paradisi
Grapefruit fruit on the tree. Click for more information Grapefruit essential oil is known to be a very uplifting oil, being used a lot for treating stress, depression and nervous exhaustion. Its fresh citrus fragrance is great in a vaporizer, and it is safe for undiluted use on the skin. It also has antiseptic properties, is used in skin-care, and also has a major property of being a strong tonic to the lymphatic system and also a diuretic, so is often used in the treatment of fluid retention. It can be considered to be an all-round “tonic”: for the mind, for the body, the skin, the digestive system, the lymphatic system, in fact for many of the body systems.

Helichrysum (Everlasting)     Helichrysum italicum (Homeopathic Remedy)
Helichrysum in flower Helichrysum italicum is a unique plant with unique healing properties. It is mainly known as an essential oil, and a very useful essential oil it is too. However, here we have taken the same plant and prepared a herbal decoction, which we have then processed into a homeopathic remedy, at potency 4C. The essential oil of Helichrysum italicum is used as a very powerful healer, for healing bruising and wounds. Also for emotional bruising, and it is considered to be the “Rescue Remedy (tm)” of the essential oil world. The oil also has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, anti-histamine, and is great for healing of scars, both old and new scars. It is often used for treating insect bites and stings, and is also good for burns. Little wonder, then, that a homeopathic made from the same plant should find itself in this Zero Point Remedy product, where its role (among other things) is to provide extra depth and bite to the overall healing power of the blend.

Kawa Kawa     (Homeo-botanical Remedy)
Kawa Kawa plant in the NZ bush A Homeobotanical Remedy made from Kawa Kawa, the New Zealand native plant that is prized by our indigenous Maori people for its healing properties. The Kawa Kawa plant holds a unique place among the indigenous healing plants of Aotearoa New Zealand. As a herbal remedy, it is used in many ways, for things like pain relief, and general healing, and in skincare products. It would not be an exaggeration to say that many people consider the Kawa Kawa plant to be the foremost healing plant of New Zealand: if you like, the “archetypal healer”. It is therefore very appropriate that a homeo-botanical preparation of Kawa Kawa should be a key ingredient in this Zero Point Remedy, where it acts synergystically with all the other ingredients to bring forth a healing product of unique strength and versatility.

If you have any questions or comments about this breakthrough energy medicine product, or if you would like to know more about it, please  us.

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