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Where do I begin? This page represents the culmination of eighteen long years of work for me, and to tell the whole story would fill several books.

Briefly.... over the years, I have sometimes felt that my work with flower essences has reached a pinnacle that is so stupendously advanced, so far “ahead of the field”, that this “must be it”. this must be the final development that takes the art and science of essences as far as it can go, at least for the next few years, and certainly for me personally.

Every time I have ever had that thought, within a year or so I have always been proved wrong, in that some new requirement for yet another leap forward in essence creation has appeared. Examples of this are my discovery of the Super Essences, way back in the year 2000, the New Generation Alchemy essences in 2004, and the Core Issues essences in 2006.

So, early in 2010, I was hardly surprised when this process repeated itself, and, very suddenly, these “Zero Point Field” essences burst onto the scene.

However, this time, there is a major difference. This time, these new essences, these Zero Point Field essences, or, as I prefer to think of them, the “zpf essences” (note the use of the lower case), these new essences are just so different from all that has come before, from all that we have dared to even dream about, that maybe, at least for a while, this is “it”, at least for a while.

I was inspired to bring these essences through into existence (as always, with lots of Divine help and help from Nature), when reading the book “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart, and also the sequel, “The Intention Experiment”.

In these books, Lynne describes how many scientists have been working for a long time on projects that have a common thread, that thread being the connection between quantum physics and various manifestations of what some people refer to as various kinds of “paranormal phenomena”. Notice how by reading that word (paranormal), your mind has an automatic reaction to the word, which comes with a lot of baggage, the precise baggage varying for each person, but often the baggage relates to a judgement thought that “maybe this is heading off into wha-wha land!”

However, these two books, and the projects they describe, deserve to be taken seriously, because McTaggart keeps totally to the straight and narrow of the standards of mainstream science. What she describes (incredibly well-researched, she repeatedly personally interviewed many of the scientists, there is no heresay stuff in these books); what she describes, while being nothing short of astounding, is so grounded in hard fact and rigourous scientific methodology, that even the most “wha-wha adverse” sceptic will be impressed.

So.... What did she find? What does she describe? You will have to read the books to find out (see links at the bottom of this page). A very brief summary would include mention of how, since Einstein's time, (and including Einstein), many highly-qualified scientists have been searching for the “master theory of everything” the missing link that ties all of science together, especially all of physics. The link that ties together quantum mechanics, relativity, gravity, electromagnetism, and a while lot more.

Despite all this searching, despite all the discoveries made along the way, they have all failed. They seem to have overlooked something. This “something”, which is actually a vital part of their missing link, relates, (in my opinion), to how consciousness interfaces with solid matter of the physical universe.

It has long been known, in the field of quantum physics, that, at the subatomic level, when science experiments with the particles that make up atoms (and other tiny particles), that it is impossible to pin down the complete characteristics of the particles. Once one looks closely at an electron, one can determine its position in space, but not its exact energy state. Not everything can ever be known, or pinned down, about any individual subatomic particle. One can work statistically with large numbers of such particles, and measure an average of a large group, but not of individual particles.

Even more mysterious, is the fact that, any one individual subatomic particle seems to exist as a “poteniality”, as a fuzzy “potential future particle”, until an intelligent consciousness (ie. a human) actually looks at (or measures) it. The act of looking at it seems to ground it into concrete physical reality, and prior to the appearance of an observer, the “unobserved” (potential particle) actually is not really real, is not actually there as a physical reality.

The research that Lynne McTaggart describes concerns various experiments (far too many to describe here) that tend to demonstrate that what happens in the subatomic world of quantum physics also happens, in a similar way, in the everyday “macro level” world, in that it is human consciousness, acting through the power of human intent that actually causes everything to happen in the world. In other words, there is scientific validation that we really do “create our reality” with our thoughts and beliefs, just as described in the movie “The Secret”, and by many spiritual teachers and masters.

A key part of the mechanism of how this all happens appears to be what scientists have for years called the “zero point field”, which is a convenient name that physicists gave to the mysterious “empty space of nothing between physical particles”, that seems to have mysterious properties that they cannot exactly pin down. For years now, most scientists have more-or-less ignored the zero point field, by zeroing it out of their mathematical equations, just assuming that it is of no great importance.

Some of the scientists that feature in McTaggart's books are beginning to suspect that in fact the zero point field is the key to the unsolved mysteries of modern science, that it might hold some deep secrets that will provide that missing link that ties all of science together. McTaggart does a masterly job of describing their work in a matter-of-fact way, that is at once convincing and also laid-back and not at all strident or over-the-top.

She draws the reader onwards towards the inevitable conclusion that there is actually no such thing as “fixed reality”, that consciousness is the key factor that controls and creates everything in the universe, and that human consciousness, when used with precise skill and razor-sharp intent actually has unlimited potential.

For me, the information in these books came as a revelation, even though the basic concept of us humans creating our physical “reality” with our minds is very familiar to me. I have been personally working with this for many years. However, to have all that evidence from mainstream hard science laid out in that manner was still rather incredible for me.

And, of course, I recognized that what was being described also applies to my own work with the flower essences. That, indeed, all flower essences are a demonstration of how “consciousness controls reality”.

It also immediately occurred to me that it was possible to take the process of the manifestation of a new essence into physical reality a step further than has traditionally been done. That I could now, literally, fuse my own consciousness with those mysterious forces of the zero point field, in a new, consciously focussed, way, a way that uses razor-sharp high-level intent in a new way, in order to bring forth a new class of essence that is unlike anything ever manifested on planet earth before.

It is very difficult to put into words exactly how this works. It is not about the logical mind, it dwells mainly in the realm of the intuitive, right-brain mind. Also, for someone like myself to work successfully in this manner, I believe that it is essential for one to have “served one's apprenticeship”, for many years, both as a facilitator in the creation of more basic type essences, and also in the most dedicated striving in one's own personal transformation, at all levels, ie. physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

And, one must be prepared to “give of one's all”, just like Dr Edward Bach gave of his all, including eventually his very life, in his search for healing through the power of Nature in his time, in a manner that was appropriate for those times of the 1930's: so too must the modern-day alchemist of the body and soul be prepared to make whatever sacrifice is needed to bring forth a modern-day “consciousness manifestation alchemy” into the physical world. I trust that my efforts in this are adequate, and leave this for you to decide.

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There is also a website set up by the author to coordinate an ongoing “intention experiment” that anyone can take part in, at this link www.theintentionexperiment.com.

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