Yellow Sunflower, the Inner Child deep wounding essence

21st Century Practitioner Flower Essence Set

Our 40-bottle set of the most useful essences we have ever made....

Below, on this page, there are listed the essences that comprise our 40-bottle “21st Century Practitioner Set”.

We have taken the most important, most useful, of all of our essences,and have collected them into this one set. In putting together this set of essences, my intention was to make available, in one collection, the essences that every advanced essence practitioner, or keen essence user, should have available for their personal, family, and practitioner use.

To achieve this, I carefully went through all my essence sets, selecting the “best-in-class” ones, the ones that I know from my own personal experience of years of intensive work with them, that they are truly the most useful. I had to leave some out, of course. There were some hard decisions to be made. but in the end, looking down the list (see below), I am satisfied that this set of our “21st Century Practitioner Set” is just perfect for what I had in mind.

Note that there is also a 20-bottle version of this set, to make it easier for those who are on a limited budget. There is also an upgrade kit that can be added later, to bring the set up to the full 40 bottles. Click to see the 21st Century Essentials 20-bottle set.

Click here to download a pdf copy of our user manual for this essence set.

The first group of essences in this set are a few from our very latest work, from our "Quantum" range of very powerful essences....

Inner Child Wounding Healing     Sunflower
Sunflower, the essence for healing inner child wounding. Click for details Hidden deep within our innermost psyche, we each have an "inner child" that was grievously wounded, and whose unhealed state creates ongoing havoc in our lives. We actually have a whole "family" of inner children of various ages, most of whom are carrying unhealed trauma of deep wounding. This essence is for help with the healing of that innermost wounding.

Divine Alchemy     Ohinemuri Apple
Ohinemuri Apple, the essence of the Penetrating Divine Illumination. Click for details This is an extraordinary essence, representing the ultimate level of healing, which this project has been working towards for over 25 years. Known to the ancient Chinese Sages as the "Penetrating Divine Illumination", at this level of healing no specific technique is needed, it just happens spontaneously, and all the yin, yang, and Qi energies just automatically rearrange themselves into perfect balance and alignment. "Consciousness transformed, into a manifestation of its own inherent perfection".

White Gold Healing     Aquilegia viridflora
Aquilegia viridflora, the White Gold essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of the mysterious and mythical "White Gold", which is a major theme in the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the "Unbeliever", as told in the novels by Stephen Donaldson. Because, in "The Land", where Covenant has been magically transported to, white gold does not exist, other than in the imagination of humans, but, there exists the paradox of Covenant having a ring of "white gold" on his finger (his wedding ring), this gives him magical powers. But, he has no idea of how to use those powers, and this is the major theme of the stories, Covenant's search for knowledge of how to use the powers of White Gold. The 25-year search for the powers that these essences carry is a parallel story to this, a long and arduous search, which has now been fulfilled, with the manifestation of these Quantum Healing Essences.

Ho'Oponopone Prayer     Niagra Grape
Niagra Grape, the Ho'Oponoponeo Prayer essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, the Ho'Oponopono Prayer, that is used by thousands of people all over the world. In its abbreviated form, it says.... "I'm sorry. Forgive me. I love you". Those simple words have enormous power, amplified by the conscious intent of all the thousands of people who say them daily. Those words have power, the power to heal, and this essence manifests that healing power. Repeat these words often, as a mantra, to more fully unleash their healing power.

The next group of two essences are from my 2007-2008 period. They are such a useful pair of essences, that I could not leave them out of this set.....

Yesterday Rose, the emotional clearing master essence. Click for details Emotional Clearing     Yesterday Rose
The emotional clearing Master Essence. Everybody has, buried deep in their subconscious mind, many unbalanced emotional energy entities, lying dormant waiting for an opportunity to activate and manifest symptoms in the body or mind. This essence processes and releases these unbalanced energies.

Warrior Rose, for cleansing, repairing and debugging the aura. Click for details Aura Cleanse & Repair and Debugger     Warrior Rose
An essence that cleanses and repairs the human energy field, the “aura”, and also debugs any foreign entities and energies. This essence is the culmination of many years work on this issue. It works on many levels, and is especially good at removing difficult energies and entities.

The next group of essences are from our “New Generation Alchemy“ set, which was developed in 2004. These ones are the most useful ones from that set. These have stood the test of time, having been constantly used in our own client work.

Ilex Argentea Marginata, the essence of self worth. Click to see details Self Worth     Ilex “Argentea Marginata”
Self worth and self esteem, those elusive qualities that appear to be so hard to attain.

Emotional Dependency     Pieris “Fetterbush”
Pieris Fetterbush, the emotional attachment flower essence. Click to see details The flower essence for assisting one in allowing oneself to see the truth of emotional attachment, and thus being able to step away from the self-imposed bonds that tie one to a person, a belief system, or whatever. Includes the “dependency” that goes along with the attachment, and the resulting “trauma” that appears to be the result of the attachment and dependency upon the person or thing.

Penstemon hartwegii, the flower essence for feeling stuck. Click for details Stuck Thinking and Self-Judgement     Penstemon hartwegii
For all aspects of feeling stuck and unable to move, or to resolve the issues that one is facing. Feeling powerless in the face of perceived adversity, and also for help with the self-judgement that is often associated with this condition. A very comprehensive and powerful essence.

Feverfew, the flower essence for body balance and body energy. Click for details Body Energy and Balance     Feverfew
The flower essence for help with body balance and body energy. Helping us to maintain balance in our physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

The next little group of essences are from our “Core Issues” essences set. The Core Issues essences appeared in 2006, and they are just what their name says they are, they are powerful essences designed for getting right to the core of the issues, in a different way to other essences.

Mindset Shifter     Uncle Walter Rose
Uncle Walter Rose, the mindset shifter essence. Click for large picture For helping us to break out of our deeply ingrained “mindsets”, of which we are usually totally unaware on the conscious level. These mindsets are usually so deeply hidden from our conscious mind, that if they are pointed out to us, we will strongly deny their existence. This essence helps us to be willing to examine our mindsets in a non-defensive way, and to release them, once we see that they no longer serve our highest good.

Feelings Validator     Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose, the Feelings Validator flower essence. Click for a large picture The flower essence to help a person to simplify the complex process of processing feelings. Our feelings are something that we experience continuously all our lives, yet do we really understand them? This essences helps us along the path of insight and true understanding of our feelings, which is a large step towards self-mastery.

The Optimist Rose, for getting to the heart of the issues. Click for large picture Heart of the Issues     The Optimist Rose
The essence to help one get to the real heart of the issue(s). For when the time is right to stop all of the messing about, the game playing, the Ego tricks, and to just go right in, “boots and all”, ignoring all objections and arguments, and get right into the “guts” of the issues, and sort it out once and for all.

Sub-conscious Programming Hooks     Pink Bougainvillea
Pink Bougainvillea, for releasing subconscious programmed hooks. Click for large picture A flower essence to help with releasing programmed sub-conscious “hooks” that are below the surface of the conscious mind, but are there, waiting to be activated whenever there is a triggering event or incident that allows these hooks to be transformed into barbs that actively contribute to a state of imbalance (ie. ill health) in the body or the mind.

Platinum Ice Rhododendron, the Energy Anatomy Master Healer. Click for large picture Energy Anatomy Master Essence     Platinum Ice Rhododendron
The “Master Healer” essence for the human energy anatomy system. This essence reconnects a person's energy anatomy system to the original blueprints of the human body, and helps overcome whatever impediments there may be to the energy anatomy system from being reconfigured in alignment with those specifications.

Body's Innate Intelligence     Sunny Honey Rose
Sunny Honey Rose, for helping the body innate intelligence. Click for large picture To help unlock the innate intelligence that is contained within our bodies, where the body always knows exactly what is best for it, and it is the mind (especially emotional energy generated into the body from the mind) that interferes with this innate body intelligence. This essence helps the mind to step aside and allow the body to sort out what is really needed.

The next little group of essences are from our “Debugger” essences set. The Debugger essences are specialist essences for help with dealing with negative energy, energy attack, energy drains, Black Magic, attack by the “Dark Forces”, clearance of infestations of etheric parasites, entities and implants.

For details of our complete range of Debugger Essences, consult our main Debugger Essence page.

For inclusion in this 21st Century Practitioner's Set, I have chosen the four most useful and versatile of the Debugger essences.....

Etheric Clearing
Iris Gee, one of the main etheric clearing essences. Click for details. This Super-Essence combines together five of our negative energy attack essences. By combining together these five individual essences, we have a super-effective Super-Essence for dealing with the various aspects of etheric defense against negative energy attack.

Blood of China Camellia, removing implants. Click for details Implant Removal     Blood of China Camellia
A flower essence for helping one to release energetic “implants” that have been placed into a person's energy system for the purposes of control.

Protection from Energy Attack     Guardian Tree
Tree, by Roadside, for protection from energy attack. Click for details A tree essence for help with protection from “energy attack”. An essence made from the 'Guardian' Tree that stands on the northwest boundary of Peter's property. Guardian trees of this kind can be found in various places, standing ready to repel any attack from any form of negative or evil energy. Everybody will benefit from the energy of this tree, and it is used in every client treatment that I do.

Mamy Blue Rose, antidote for black magic. Click for details Black Magic Antidote     Mamy Blue Rose
A flower essence for helping a person to neutralize and nullify the effects of “black magic”, which can include various forms of energetic attack. Black magic can be considered to be any form of deliberate “bad vibes” attack, where negative energy is directed towards a person, an animal, a group, or an organization, etc. This essence is for helping to strengthen one's inbuilt natural resistance to such attacks.

Dark Forces Immunity     Spirit of Hope Rose
Spirit of Hope Rose, for immunity for attack by the Dark Forces. Click for details A flower essence for helping a person to attain immunity from “attack from the Dark Forces”. This essence helps a person to attain a shift in their consciousness that gives them this “immunity”. There are various ways of looking at this scenario. One is that the whole thing is “entirely in the mind”, another is that the Dark Forces, and their “attack” are very real. Either way, this essence will help.

And now, a fairly large group of essences in this “21st Century Practitioner Set” are from our new Zero Point Field collection of essences. I have selected these remaining essences as being the most important and useful of the Zero Point Field Essences, the ones that I use every day in my client work, and for my own personal healing.

Relief Essence     Yellow Canna Lily
Yellow Canna Lily, the zpf essence for relief. Click for details “Relief”.  This is the zpf Master Healer essence for “relief”. The essence for when you just desperately want help, and you want if now! No messing about with “working through one's issues”, no fooling about with “healing crises”, you just want some immediate respite from that which is driving you crazy! Well.... here it is!

Time Traveller     Rocket
Rocket, for memory of optimum health and balance. Click for details This flower essence is for helping us to reconnect with our former self, back when we were whole and totally healthy. To “channel” our reality as it was back then, before we became “ill”, back when we were young and healthy (can include other realities, and former lives). This essence is the real-life time traveller, more real than the numerous science fiction time travel stories that are now a part of mass consciousness.

Picture Eraser     Pongas
Pongas tree essence, to help erase deep subconscious old pictures. Click for details This tree essence is for helping to release from the cellular memory, and the deep subconscious mind, old “memory pictures” from the past, that are repeatedly playing in our subconscious, like old movies. Many of these old memory-pictures hold memories of events that we perceived at the time to be traumatic and threatening to us in some way. Many of them are from our early childhood, from before when we could think in a mature, logical manner, when we were experiencing the world through our feeling brain; and consequently what an adult would consider to be a trivial incident, to a young child often such an incident will take on the perception of a huge trauma. Our subconscious mind hangs onto these picture-memories, because it wants to protect us from similar future harm, but in most cases all this results in is a dysfunctional, crippling emotionally-driven disability, obsession, phobia or irrational fear, which severely hampers us as mature adults. This essence helps to dissolve these old picture-memories.

Consciousness Shift     Red Berries, through Fence
Red Berries, the zpf consciousness shift essence. Click for details With this flower essence, of red berries on a bush which is on the “other side of the fence”, the fence symbolizes the barrier that needs to be dissolved in order to undertake a large consciousness shift. The “barrier” that prevents us from seeing things differently than the same old way that we were indoctrinated and hypnotized in when we were young, is within our own minds. No-one can force us to keep our belief in these hypnotic spells from childhood, and this essence is for helping us to see through the falsehood and illusion of them and to shift our consciousness towards the real truth of who we really are, a part of God.

Perfect Cell Entrainment     “Rotten” Flower
Rotten Flower, the zpf essence for entrainment with a perfect body cell. Click for details “Entrainment with the one perfect cell in one's body.” Of all the trillions of cells in the body, at least one of them must be perfect, with no degeneration or dysfunction. This essence is to help you capture the energy of that one perfect cell, and to entrain all of your body cells to be like that perfect cell. The rotten flower represents all of the decaying, imperfect cells, that are to be restored back to pristine perfection.

Cosmic and Universal Energies     Sun, at time of Lunar Eclipse
Sun at lunar eclipse, the essence for balancing cosmic energies. Click for details This essence is an encapsulation of the energy of the sun, as received on earth, at the time of the first sunrise after a lunar partial eclipse and grand cross. This essence is for helping a person's body and energy system to balance itself in relation to the cosmic and universal energies that it receives here on planet earth, that can sometimes be very powerful, with the potential to knock one off-balance. It is also for help with using these cosmic energies in a constructive way to help balance one. and one's energies and issues, in relationship with the All That Is, through the zero point field.

Jumbled and Scattered     Fennel Seeds on fence
Fennel Seeds, the zpf essence for restoring scattered and jumbled energy. Click for details “Restoring the randomly scattered and jumbled.” Part of the energy of this essence is that I am actually not exactly sure as to whether the plants are actually fennel! They actually could be yarrow, it is hard to tell the two of them apart when they are at the seeding stage and the plant is actually dead. But whatever, we do know what the essence is for, which is to help restore one's energy back to its functional state when it has been hopelessly distorted by being broken up and scattered.

Chakras - Energetic     Three Pines
Three Pines, the zpf essence for the energetic chakra issues. Click for details This tree essence is the chakra essence for the energetic aspects of the chakras. It is made up of three pine trees, of three different varieties of pine, and located at varying distances from the front porch of my house. The three trees can be visually lined up in a straight line, if one moves into the correct position, and this symbolizes all of the energies of all the chakras being in perfect balance and alignment.

Optimum Past Choice     Cotoneaster Berries
Cotoneaster essence, for the optimum past choice. Click for details This essence is for helping a person to go back into any time in their past and to “change their past reality”, as if something actually happened differently to how it actually did happen. It is possible to do this because “the past” actually only really has any existence within the mind; it is only the mind that contains the past, it does not occur anywhere else. It is therefore possible to literally “change the past”, just by changing one's mind! Just like it says in “A Course in Miracles” when it tells us to “choose again”, and, if needed, again and again and again, until we make the optimum choice. This essence helps us to undergo this process, literally erasing that old memory of what we used to think happened, and changing it to a new memory of what we now know happened, when we made a different choice back then in our “past”. This essence is obviously a very powerful tool for helping to erase old trauma memories.

Cellular optimization     Little Elf flower
Little Elf flower essence, for help with ceullar optimization. Click for details When I first saw this flower, I burst out laughing! I immediately recognized him, as “Little Elf”. He is actually the remaining part of a large flower that has decayed away to a small remmenant, which looks exactly like a little face with a large, pointed hat, peeking out from behind a huge leaf. I knew immediately what he was for, which is to assist the body in optimizing its cells, in whatever manner is needed by each individual body.

Reality Creation Process     Dandelion and Wild Carrot
Dandelion and Wild Carrot, the zpf reality creation process essence. Click for details This essence is for modulating the “reality creation process”. Contrary to what is generally believed, there is no actual physical reality without human creative thought. We really do create our own reality with our thoughts, in a literal, physical sense. The atoms of the universe, acting through the zero point field, and their own subatomic components, via the laws of quantum mechanics, they (the atoms and molecules) take on their physical characteristics, their energy states, and their positions in space and time, in direct response to what we humans direct them to, with our individual and collective thoughts. This essence is for helping to make this process more coherent and more in alignment with our highest desires.

Erasure of What I am Not     White ToeToe and Black Manuka
ToeToe and Manuka, the zero point field essence for knowing better now than we did back then. Click for details “Erasing that which I am not”. This essence is for the erasure part of the process of leaving behind that which used to serve me well, but which I have now outgrown, to allow the new to come in, in place of the old that has been erased. This is part of the process known as “life”, where the purpose of being alive here on earth is to continually experience one's highest possible state of being (as it is in that moment), and through the process of experiencing to then realize that a higher state is now possible and to then move on to that higher state. This essence is to help with the smooth operation of this process (the process of life on planet earth), by helping with the releasing of the old, to make way for the new.

False Teachings     Gorse with Flood Debris
Gorse with Flood Debris, the zpf essence for releasing false teachings. Click for details This essence is made from a piece of gorse plant, growing beside a stream, that was covered in debris from a recent flood. The covering of debris symbolizes the falsehoods that we were fed by all our past “false teachers”, and the gorse itself symbolizes the false teachers. It is now time to arise up, recognize for ourselves the false from the true, cast aside the false teachings, just as we would case aside junk like the flood debris, and move fully into embracing the real Truth.

Red Bromeliad, the zpf essence for moderating the healing crisis. Click for details Healing Crisis Moderator     Red Bromeliad
This is the zero point field essence for moderating the “healing crisis”. Often, during the process of healing, it is necessary for a temporary intensifying of the symptoms to occur. This is a normal part of the healing of the issue, but the symptoms can often be distressing. This essence is to help in the moderation of the symptoms, as the healing takes place.

Perfection Download     Aurum Lily, in Sun
Aurum Lily in sun, the perfection download zero point field flower essence. Click for details “Perfection download”. This flower essence is for helping a person to cast aside all of the false-programming illusion that they were indoctrinated with, and to replace it with a new “perfection download” which is literally the Truth of Who They Really Are.  Just about everything that we are taught about ourselves, who we really are, and the world and our place in it, is a load of junk. This essence helps facilitate the replacement of the false garbage with the truth.

Radical Forgiveness     Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds, the zero point field essence for Radical Forgiveness. Click for details This is an environmental essence, of storm-clouds, at the time of the spring equinox (southern hemisphere), and coinciding with the full moon and a series of “Galactic Activation Portal” days on the Mayan Calendar. At this time of a very powerful combination and synthesis of astrological forces, the dramatic cloud formation, photographed as the storm cleared, symbolizes the energy of completion and moving on, which is what “Radical Forgiveness” is all about... the realization that what happened was for the overall good, was needed, and was for reasons that were mainly hidden at the time. Click on the link, or picture, for more information about Radical Forgiveness.

Master Linkage Essence     KawaKawa and Huge Rock
KawaKawa and big rock, the zpf Master Linkage Essence. Click for details This essence of the native New Zealand healing plant, KawaKawa, growing all over a huge stone in the New Zealand bush, is the “Master Linkage Essence”, that holds all the energies together in a blend of these Zero Point Field essences. This essence is the latest, “zpf version”, of a “linkage essence”. It provides energies to orchestrate, fine-tune and harmonize all of the energies in all of the essences in a Zero-Point-Field essence blend. It helps with the overall balance of the blend as a whole, fine-tuning the blend into a whole-istic tightly-integrated whole rather than just a mixture of individual essences. It also integrates the healing energies from various associated modality remedies (essential oils, homeopathics, herbal remedies, homeobotanicals, etc.) into the overall zpf flower essence blend.

The last essences in this set are a few of our “Super-Essences”. Our Super-Essence technology was first developed in the year 2000, and has stood the test of time. These new Super-Essences that follow are newly-formulated, especially for use in sets such as this one,

Repair and Debug
Yellow Hibertia, one of the repair and debug essences. Click for details Next, we have three well-proven essences from our older “energy repair and debugger” category. We have combined these three individual essences into a “Super-Essence”, to create one very powerful energetic entity that covers all aspects of the issues associated with repairing energetic damage and expelling negative energies.

Yellow Rose, one of the main trauma healing essences. Click for details. Acute Trauma
This Super-Essence comprises a combination of our five most sucesssful well-tried and well-proven trauma essences. Combined together into one tightly-integrated “Super-Essence”, all working together as one tightly-knit entity, these trauma essences offer extraordinary power for helping to heal the effects of trauma.

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