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Zero Point Field Essence Supplementary Set

More Essences that work with human consciousness through the Zero Point Field....

When we put together our ZPF Essences Main Set, we had to draw the line somewhere, which means that some of these wonderful Zero Point Field essences had to be left out of our Main Set. This webpage lists the remainder of our ZPF essences, and it compises our “ZPF Supplementary Set”.

Just because the essences on this page did not make it into our Main Set, does not mean that they are less powerful, or that they are unimportant. It's just that we felt we should draw the line and keep the numbers in the Main Set to a reasonable limit.

For the background info on Zero Point Field essences in general, what they are, and why they are different to other essences, please refer to the main zpf essence page.

Choosing the Optimum Path     Fellowship Rose
Fellowship Rose, the zero point field essence for the optimum path. Click for details A flower essence for helping to make a choice of the optimum path for one's life. To assist in smoothing the way for making a “paradigm shift reality jump”, from one's current reality into a new reality. As described in the book “Home with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch. It is like in our life's path, we are moving through a tunnel, and there are pictures of all possible life scenarios on the walls of the tunnel. Which of the potential scenarios we end up actually experiencing depends on which of the pictures we focus our attention on, in the process of creating our reality. This essence helps in this process, of choosing the optimum path. The name of this flower, “Fellowship”, has a connection to the “Fellowship of the Ring”, part one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Body Cells Energetic Hard-Boot     Dark Pink Oxalis
Dark Pink Oxalis, the zero point field essence for hard-booting the body cells. Click for details This zero point field essence is to assist the body in doing an “energetic hard re-boot” of the body cells. This works in a similar manner to how a computer is re-booted, and has a similar affect, in that the body cells are re-set back to their proper default state, removing any non-optimum settings in the cells that have been acquired as a result of various environmental and operational experiences, including trauma, etc. This essence facilitates a process of going back to basics, like having a good “house clean”, taking out the garbage, and allowing the cells to operate at their optimum potential.

Consciousness Jump     Tall Grass
Tall Grass, the zpf essence for making a huge jump in consciousness. Click for details The essence for assisting in the making of an absolutely huge jump in one's consciousness. To literally “jump tracks to a different reality, and a different view of one's reality”. Yes, we do have other consciousness shift essences, but this essence is not just about a “shift” in consciousness, this is about totally leaving behind some aspect of one's old consciousness and jumping to a radically different consciousness.

Releasing Old Self-Imposed Spells     Queen Wilhelmina Rose
Queen Wilhelmina Rose, the zpf essence for lifting self-imposed spells. Click for details The essence for helping in lifting multi-stranded self-imposed spells, that a person imposed on oneself, usually back a long time ago, when very young. This Zero Point Field flower essence helps one to release these old spells, which were put in place for good reason, way back then, but which have long since passed their use-by date, and should be released, as they are now only serving to hold one back.

Nature's Perfection     Clouds over Coromandel Hills
Clouds over Coromandel Hills, the Nature's Perfection zpf essence. Click for details This essence is the “Nature's Perfection Essence of Humanity”. It embodies the original perfection of humanity, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will continue to be evermore. Our present state of multiple imbalances and imperfections is only a game that we are playing, for the purpose of experiencing all possible variations of what we are not (ie. imperfect), so that we can fully experience and understand what we really are, which is the totally perfect physical embodiment of God.

Mind Changing Essence     Rosa “La Noblesse”
La Noblesse Rosa, the essence for changing one's mind. Click for details This essence is for helping a person in the process of finding their optimum path, from the multitude of choices. To help one to change one's mind, for the better, as explained in the book “A Course in Miracles”. Even when a less-than-optimum choice has been made, even when this has been done many times, there is still always the option of choosing again, and this time, choosing the most optimum choice.

Vibration Lifter     Pohutukawa by Sea
Pohutukawa by Sea, the essence lifting one's vibration frequency. Click for details This essence is for helping a person to lift their personal frequency of vibration to a much higher level. There are may benefits to doing this, for example, it is an essential part of the process of ascension. It is also very helpful in making one's energy incompatible with the energy of negative entities and dark-forces beings, preventing them from being able to lock their energy on to one's energy system.

Mother Culture Messages     Golden Tribute Rose
Golden Tribute Rose, for resolving the messages from Mother Culture. Click for details A zpf flower essence, for helping a person to release the programming that their “Mother Culture” has brain-washed them with, right from birth onwards. This process of brainwashing by one's Mother Culture is described in the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. Much of this brainwashing is very subtle, and it goes on all the time: in the media, in everyday conversation between people, in schools, churches, universities, and everywhere. This essence is to help a person release the vice-like grip that these cultural beliefs have on one.

Genetic Meme Dissolve     Perennial Rocket
Perennial Rocket, the essence for dissolving genetic memes. Click for details This essence is for dissolving genetic memes and miasms that have been passed down through a family line, sometimes for many generations. These are little dense packets of self-contained energy, that originated with an ancestor as a form of genetic mutation, and has been embedded in the DNA. (Mainly the energetic DNA of the non-physical 12-strand DNA). They often lie dormant, but can become activated and contribute to all kinds of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. They can be activated by the sum total of the person's life experiences and/or karmic heritage.

Body Reconfiguration     Two Pongas and Aurum Lilies
Pongas and Aurum Lilies, the body reconfiguration zero point field flower essence. Click for details This flower essence is for helping a person to reconfigure any aspect of their body, incorporating changes to their DNA, their cellular RNA-control mechanisms, their chakra system, their meridian system, energy bodies, nervous system, etc. This is a very powerful and versatile essence, made from a pair of twin ponga trees standing in a field of aurum lilies. This essence is mainly for helping people who are undergoing very major change, such that their basic body structure needs to undergo change, to match their new reality.

Montbretia, Burmese Honeysuckle and Fennel, for dissolving emotional energy from muscles. Click for details Dissolve Emotions from Muscles     Montbretia, Burmese Honeysuckle and Fennel
The Zero Point Field flower essence for dissolving “Emotion Code” type emotional energy that is embedded in the muscles of the body. Over time, various negative emotional energies have become embedded in the muscles, as a result various upsetting and traumatic incidents in the past. This essence helps the body to release this energy.

Healers Hands     Big Palm Tree
Big Palm Tree, the zpf essence for invoking Healers Hands energy. Click for details This tree essence, of a huge, vibrant palm tree, is for invoking “healers' hands” energy. In many cultures, the laying on of hands is used as a powerful healing therapy, and this essence channels this healing energy from the tribal consciousness to wherever it is most needed by the recipient, as a catalyst for healing, kind of like an “extra pair of healing hands”.

Pain Body Healing     Red-Hot Pokers
Red-Hot Pokers, the zpf essence for healing the Pain Body. Click for details This Zero Point Field essence is for helping a person to work with their Pain Body (as defined by Eckharte Tolle), to resolve the hurts and traumas that caused the creation of the pain body (along with other zpf essences), and thus reclaim their life from the control that the Pain Body has over most people. Click the link to the page of this essence for more information.

Symptoms Cancel     Rainbow
Rainbow, the zpf essence for symptoms antidote. Click for details This Zero Point Field essence is for acting like a kind of “symptom antidote”. This rainbow appeared towards the end of a storm, with the sky still very dark from the storm, symbolizing the hope, peace and joy that the appearance of a rainbow often symbolizes, despite the ongoing storm, which symbolizes the dramas of life.

Divine Grace     Wild Tomato
Wild Tomato, the Divine Grace zpf essence. Click for details This Zero Point Field flower essence, made from a small wild tomato plant that came up in my garden, from a discarded seed, this essence embodies the energy of “Divine Grace”. Divine Grace is a term that is hard to define in words, it is more about feelings than words: it relates to the act of creation that occurs whenever humans use their God-given ability to “create”. It could be said that Divine Grace is a name for the thing that powers the energy of the universe.

Illness Healing     Large Yellow Flowers
Large Yellow Flowers, the zpf essence for illness healing. Click for details This Zero Point Field essence is for helping a person to balance the unbalanced energies that are underlying an “illness” type condition. In combination with other essences for addressing the various emotional and subconscious mental issues that underly the illness, this essence acts as a catalyst for the healing of the illness.

Home with God     Little Pumpkin Plants
Little Pumpkin Plants, the zpf essence of being Home with God. Click for details This Zero Point Field essence is for helping a person to more fully realize that they are indeed “Home with God”. That in fact they have never left Home, that it is impossible for them to ever really stray away from their true Home, and that the perception of separation from their own true God-Self is an illusion that they have taken on for the purpose of more fully realizing and experiencing their actual true state, which is “Home with God”.

Guilty Secrets     Dirty Stone
Dirty Stone, the zpf essence for opening up guilty secrets. Click for details This sea essence is for help for people to face up to, and to bring out into the open (even, just to themselves), some little “guilty secret”, that has been festering away for a long time, hidden deep within their mind, either suppressed entirely by their subconscious, or pushed down by their conscious mind, wishing to forget. However, suppression and wishful forgetfulness does not actually resolve anything, and the nasty little secret has been nagging away, causing disruption and an energy drain. Better to bring it all out into the open, lance the boil, and allow it to heal properly.

Total Body Re-Ordering     Mizuna among Rocket
Mizuna among Rocket, the total body re-ordering zpf essence. Click for details This zpf flower essence is to help initiate a total re-ordering of the body energy. We sometimes come to a point in our lives where it is beneficial to release the old structure of the body energy and to implement a new body energy structure. There are various reasons for this, including our continuing evolution, and also the general ongoing upward evolution of the mass consciousness of humanity.

ZPF Master Rebalancing Essence     Red Bottlebrush
Red Bottlebrush, the zpf Master Rebalancing essence. Click for details This zpf flower essence is for rebalancing the human body, mind and spirit, on all levels. A “complete make-over”, as befits a New Energy Human of the 21st century.

Factor Z     Wine Buff Rose
Wine Buff Rose, the zpf Factor Z Essence. Click for details This zpf flower essence is the “ZPF Factor Z Essence”. It unlocks, re-orders and re-integrates one's energy, on all levels.

Demon and Implant Remover     White Borage
White Borage, the zpf essence for removing demons and implants. Click for details This flower essence is for help in resolving the “energy of demons or implants” that have taken over an aspect of a person's body, or energy field, or which are an underlying cause behind an illness or imbalance. This is in accordance with an ancient Indian belief that all so-called illness is caused by an underlying infestation of “demons”, which is another way of describing an out-of-balance alien energy entity, that has become embedded in the body's energy field.

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